One Off Appearances (1985)

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1985 One-Off Appearances

Date City Country Venue Comment
16 Jan. 1985  (mat.) Houston, TX   USA Texas Southern University, University Auditorium Benefit
25 Feb. 1985  (mat.) Santa Monica, CA   USA Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Benefit
20 Mar. 1985  (mat.) Bronx, NY   USA Lehman Center for the Performing Arts Benefit
28 Mar. 1985  (a.m.) Worcester, MA   USA Mariott Inn Worcester
7 Jun. 1985 St. Paul, MN   USA Prom Center - Ballroom
?? Jun. 1985 Paris   France Le Milliardaire One-off: Prince plays piano
11 Jul. 1985 Minneapolis, MN   USA First Avenue, 7th St. Entry
xx Aug. 1985 Paris   France Maxim’s Prince plays piano
27 Oct. 1985 Nice   France Théâtre de Verdure video shoot + mini-show

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