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Cinnamon Girl

Single details

Released: 28 September 2004 (US release)
8 November 2004 (UK release)
Related album: Musicology
Label(s): NPG Records / Columbia Records
Non-Album track(s):

United States Of Division (6:18)
Cinnamon Girl (Video) (4:04)
Cinnamon Girl: Xposed (Making Of The Video) (5:15)
Dear Mr. Man (Live At Webster Hall) (4:14)
Dear Mr. Man (Live At Webster Hall Video) (4:14)

Charts, Certifications & Awards

Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
Germany: MusikWoche Top 100 Singles 8 Nov. 2004 89 1
U.K.: Gallup Singles Chart 20 Nov. 2004 43 2
This single has not received any certifications in the USA
This single has not received any awards in the USA

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Cinnamon Girl
(Music video)

Cinnamon Girl was the second commercially-available single to be released from the album Musicology, released six months after the album.

Three months before the physical release, however, United States Of Division was released on the NPG Music Club Musicology Download Store as a "virtual b-side" to Cinnamon Girl, although Cinnamon Girl itself was not available as an individual download, and no promos were sent out at the time.

The single is also unusual in that the artwork and tracklisting is entirely different for the North American and European versions of the single. The North American version contains the video and a making of the video documentary, while the European version, released six weeks later, contained audio and video of a live version of Dear Mr. Man, and the track United States Of Division.

The single did not chart in the USA, but reached number 43 on the UK Gallup Singles Chart.

Track listing
CD Digital Virtual B-Side

1. Cinnamon Girl (3:56)
2. Cinnamon Girl (Video) (4:04)
3. Cinnamon Girl: Xposed (Making Of The Video) (5:15)

US: 1056569

1. Cinnamon Girl (3:56)
2. Dear Mr. Man (Live at Webster Hall) (4:14)
3. United States Of Division (6:18)
4. Dear Mr. Man (Live at Webster Hall Video) (4:14)

UK/DE: COL 675142-2

1. United States Of Division (6:18)

(NPG Music Club: No catalog number)

  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.

Other Formats
CD Promo 12" Promo
  • (UK/DE: SAMPCS142031)

1. Cinnamon Girl (3:56)

  • (UK: XPR3781)

1. Cinnamon Girl (3:56)
2. Musicology (4:26)

This single wasn't released in any other format (7", Cassette, Digital).

7", 12", CD, Cassettes and Other versions
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2

USA 5"CD 1056569
Germany / UK 5"CD COL 675142-2

Variants, Special Editions and Reissues
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2




Additional Information

Promotion (at time of release) Triva

  • The accompanying video, starring New Zealand actress Keisha Castle-Hughes, was discussed a lot in the press as controversial in its use of post-September 11 imagery of suicide bombing, bringing a lot of attention to the song and the single. See the Cinnamon Girl video entry for more information.

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