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Liv Warfield

Birth name and date

Olivia Leann Warfield
10 July, 1979, Peoria, IL, USA

Early Life

Liv Warfield grew up as the daughter of a deacon at the Pentecostal Church of Jesus in Peoria, IL. By age 8, Warfield's athleticism started blossoming, eventually developing her into an Olympic-caliber sprinter and an All-American gymnast.


When she moved to Portland, Oregon on a Track & Field scholarship a friend introduced her to Karaoke, drawing some attention as "Olivia". She trained religiously five-days a week at Portland's Galaxy and Ambassador Lounges. Liv Warfield emerged on Portland's music scene in 2002 when she began performing with a hip-hop band called "Money N' Lovin" followed by a successful showcase collaborating with Nashville keyboardist Joey Porter and his soul-jazz ensemble "Silky," where Warfield became lead vocalist. In 2004, Liv took center stage in her own band entitled "Liv & The Warfield Project."
Liv first came to Paisley Park on 4 October 2008. After Prince had invited her seeing an audition tape she had sent in, instigated by Marva King who she had ran into a few month prior and who was taken by her vocal abilities. Her auditioning video was her doing The Rolling Stones' “Gimmie Shelter” on PDX Pop Now!. Her first (semi-) public performance with Prince was sat one of his late night parties in Beverly Hills, CA - 'The 77' (Beverly Park Residence) on 12 January, 2009 (am). Soon after she appeared backing Prince on tv on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

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  • TC Electronic RH450 amp with two RS210 cabinets / two RS410 cabinets.




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