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10 August 2014 (a.m.)
Venue Paisley Park Studios
City, Country Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA
Band John Blackwell (drums), Andrew Gouché (bass), Xavier Taplin (keyboard), Marcus Anderson (saxophone)
Guest(s) Prince (guitar)
The setlist of this performance is not known
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Show Facts
Advertised Start Time/Start time Length Of Performance Attendance/Capacity Ticket Price

/ 0:55 a.m. 60 minutes 60 / 250 $ 25

  • This was initially billed as "Supermoon Recording Session". The 4-piece band played a first set of around ten instrumental songs for 60 minutes without Prince from 11:35 p.m. onwards. Prince only performed on several songs of the second similar set, held after a 25 minutes DJ set. A printed setlist for Blackwell has been reported listing the following tracks: "Hit It And Quit It", Trojan Horse, EBlues, "Shaft", 6/8 Joint, and Dome, none of them being written by Prince (as mentioned during the first set).
  • The sets were in the so-called Love 4 One Another Room' or 'NPGMC' room, not on the main sound stage, limiting the capacity to about 250.
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