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 TV Show
The Late Show with David Letterman

13 December 1994 (mat.)
Venue The Ed Sullivan Theater
City, Country New York, New York, USA
Band Prince (as ) (vox, guitar), Michael B. (drums), Sonny T. (bass), Tommy Barbarella (keyboards), Morris Hayes (keyboards), Mayte (dance), Coty Chilton (bodyguard)
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Show Facts
Start Time Length Of Performance Live / Lip Sync First Aired

10 minutes

On 3 May 2016, a few weeks after Prince's death, Morris Hayes posted some memories of this performance on his Facebook page: "There are many great shows and songs we did but this one is one of my favorites... This particular show was crazy because he decided as we were waiting to walk on stage that he wanted to edit the song. He asked me if I had the gun sample and told me to cut the second verse and go straight to the bridge and pretend he was shot and be dragged off the stage by Big Coco. Me having vocal samples to play, I was like, omg...this dude! He said all that and said, "No mistakes." Talk about added pressure! But being the tight unit that we were, we were able to make the adjustment and make it look like that what it was all along."

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