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One-Off Performance
19 January 1991 (a.m.)
Venue Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho a.k.a Estádio do Maracană
City, Country Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Band Prince (vox, guitar), Michael B. (drums), Sonny T. (bass), Levi Seacer, Jr. (guitar), Tommy Barbarella (keyboards), Rosie Gaines (keyboards, vox), Tony M. (dance, rap), Damon Dickson (dance, vox), Kirk Johnson (dance, percussion) (Tony, Damon and Kirk together as Game Boyz)
Guest(s) none
Tickets for this show came as electronic cards (as pictured above) without marking of specific date or artists on the front. A day of show was indicated on the back side (not pictured).
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

Something Funky (This House Comes)
Let’s Go Crazy incl. Hey! Bo Diddley [Int]
Horny Pony
Peter Gunn incl. The Pink Panther Theme [Int]
Purple Rain
Take Me With U
Dr. Feelgood Rosie Gaines lead vox
Venus De Milo
The Question Of U (instrumental)
instrumental improvisation
Ain’t No Way Rosie Gaines lead vox
Nothing Compares 2 U
Baby I’m A Star Respect / Brother With A Purpose / We Can Funk
Thieves In The Temple

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Show Facts
Advertised Start Time / Start Time Length Of Show Attendance/Capacity Ticket Prices

11:30 p.m. (18 January 1991) / ± 1:45 a.m. 90 minutes 60,000 / 92,000 Cr$ 75.000 - Cr$ 25.000

  • Rock in Rio II was aired live to 55 countries; 580 million spectators all over the world watched the festival’s second edition, and over 3,000 people were involved in the event’s organization.
  • Albeit the entire concert was filmed by MTV for broadcasting purposes, Prince, having bought back the television rights, didn’t allow its broadcast on US TV. Nevertheless the concert was aired by I-Sat, an Argentine satellite channel.
  • 3,000 spotlights illuminated the stadium; 480 of them were airplane headlights, positioned on the roof. The lighting was supervised by US company Samuelson. The sound company, ShowCo, provided the festival a 500,000 watts sound system.
  • The stage measured 85 meters wide by 25 meters deep, and was sided by two large screens, 9 meters tall and 7 meters wide each. When performers spoke from the stage in English, subtitles in Portuguese appeared on the video screens; Prince would shout, "All night long!" and a few moments later "Anoite toda!" would appear on screen. The language barrier proved to be a problem however; since call-and-response parties were lost on much of the audience, with subtitles arriving two beats too late.
  • Due to the fact that the festival featured numerous other acts, who had to share the stage, Prince did not bring his own stage set apart from a few props such as the stairs and ramps seen on the Nude Tour, as well as the the sliding pole.
  • Prince reportedly received $ 500,000 for each performance, according to Brazil newspaper 'Jornal do Brasil'.
  • Prince came on stage almost two hours behind schedule, prompting parts of the crowd to taunt him with offensive cries of Viado! Viado! (Portuguese for fagot).
  • Purple Rain featured a spoken part during which Prince expressed concerns about the ongoing war in Iraq, stating: "There’s a war going on, I don’t know what’s up, but I think we'd all be better off living for love.".
  • Prince lost parts of the crowd around 3 A.M. during the portion of the show in which he and Rosie Gaines sung ballads.
  • After Thieves In The Temple rendition, the show proceeded to an extended jam on Baby I’m A Star theme, while Prince teased the audience with chants such as "Pump it up", after which he had Tony M. brought 3 ladies up on stage. After a short stint at the piano Prince pretended to collapse. While the Game Boyz attempted to carry him away, Levi Seacer, Jr. promptly said "good night" to the audience, just before Prince jumped on the pole and went back on stage for further jam teasing.
  • The rendition of Jughead did not feature Rosie Gaines' or Prince’s verses.
Soundcheck Support Act(s)

  • no details known

* Other acts on the Festival bill

  • Joe Cocker
  • Colin Hay
  • Jimmy Cliff

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