25 November 1999

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 TV Show
Harald Schmidt Show

25 November 1999
Venue Studio 449
City, Country Cologne, Germany
Band Prince (as ) (vox), Kirk Johnson (drums), Larry Graham (bass, vox), Morris Hayes (keyboards), Kip Blackshire (keyboards, vox), Mike Scott (guitar), Michael Nelson (trombone), Dave Jensen (trumpet), Kathy J. (baritone saxophone) (The horn section is collectively known as 'The Hornheadz')
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Baby Knows

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Show Facts
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5 minutes Live 25 November 1999 (SAT 1, Germany)

  • The Harald Schmidt Show was usually taped "live to tape" without breaks, with the studio band playing during the commercial breaks, but for this broadcast they they did a break to allow for Prince’s equipment to be put up. When the studio band started playing to continue the show, Prince played along on guitar.
  • Entry fee for this show was normally 15 Deutsche Mark. But when Prince learned hat the audience paid for their seats, he announced he would only appear for free, and the audience should be reimbursed. The head of the ticketing then had to pay back the entry fee to the entire audience in cash. Before the show, checked by Prince’s staff.
  • In the afternoon Prince taped an interview with Charlotte Roche for VIVA Tv, at their Media Park Studio in Cologne, not far from the Studio 449 where the The Harald Schmidt Show was taped. This caused his late arrival in 449 Studio for the Harald Schmidt Show taping, and did not allow enough time to set up and soundcheck before the show.
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