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Unreleased Albums
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1997: The Dawn
Happy Tears

Album details

Intended Release Date: Late 1996 / Early 1997
Label(s): NPG Records (assumed)
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (assumed)
Happy Tears unreleased single

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(Unreleased single)
Happy Tears is a multimedia project announced on 1 April 1996 during a press release focusing on Mayte’s pregnancy, "as a gift to their new born child".

The project was to be credited to " and Mayte", which would have marked the first release credited to both artists. It was planned to include an album of songs on CD, an accompanying children’s storybook and a read-along cassette of the book’s stories. At the time of the press release, eight songs were included on the album, along with three children’s stories in the accompanying book, all featuring multi-racial characters.

While may have planned songs for a children’s album in advance of Mayte’s pregnancy, it is probable that the eight songs planned for the album were recorded between March and August 1996. The tracks, described as bedtime stories, were reportedly narrated by and sung in English, German and Spanish by Mayte. The only songs confirmed for the album were She Gave Her Angels (which was later released on Crystal Ball) and Happy Tears. Happy Tears was planned as the first single from the project and set to be released for Christmas 1996. It is also possible that the 1995 re-recording of Starfish And Coffee was planned for inclusion on the album as this song and She Gave Her Angels were lip-synched during ’s appearance on The Muppets Tonight TV show, which was planned to coincide with the project’s release.

The project was canceled when and Mayte’s son died from complications caused by Pfeiffer Syndrome a week after his birth on 16 October 1996.

Track listing

The specific sequence of tracks is unknown, but tracks believed to have been included are:

All songs written by Prince/ (assumed) except where noted.
1 Written by Prince (music and lyrics) and Susannah Melvoin (lyrics)


  • See individual songs for production information.

Additional Information


  • The project is unrelated to Prince’s contribution to the children’s movie soundtrack Happy Feet, released in 2006, despite the similarity in name.
  • There were rumors that Rosie O’ Donnell took part in the recording of one of the songs, but this has not been verified.

The Vault - Volumes I, II and III
Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
(Related Artists)
The Dawn