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The Vault. The Definitive Guide to the Musical World of Prince

Book details

Author Per Nilsen & jooZt Mattheij with the UPTOWN Staff
Language English
Publisher Uptown, Sweden
Published in 2004
Pages 718
Dimensions 148 x 209 mm
Binding Softcover
10 Digit ISBN 91631 5482-X
13 Digit ISBN 978-91631 5482-9


The book THE VAULT chronicles all the important events in Prince/The Artist's life and career. Taking the form of a year-by-year diary, it provides an exhaustive record of releases, recording sessions, concerts, TV appearances, interviews, etc. Parts of the book were previously published in 1990 and 1993 as Prince: A Documentary and in 2000 as UPTOWN Presents: Days Of Wild. This new edition has been completely revised, rewritten and fully updated to include all minor and major events until the end of 2003, with an addendum for the first months of 2004.

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