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Album details

Released: 24 August 2016
Length: 42:58
Label(s): Marmelade Productions
Studio(s): Studio Kip Kaas, Mortsel, Belgium
Mindless Studio in Århus, Denmark

Charts, Certifications & Awards

This album has not charted in the USA
This album has not received any certifications in the USA
This album has not received any awards in the USA

Singles released

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Showmewhatugot single.jpg
Turnitup is the third full-length studio album by Ida Nielsen.

The album contains 14 songs written by Ida Nielsen. One of them, Showmewhatugot is noted as being 'Mixed With Help From Prince'.

Sessions and compiling

The album was recorded at Mindless Studio in Århus, Denmark and Studio Kip Kaas in Mortsel, Belgium, neither of which Prince ever visited, his help in the mixing was likely more in theory than factual. It is assumed if any mixing was done by Prince it was at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Whatever his implication on this album was, Showmewhatugot is the last record of an associated artist on which Prince was credited during his lifetime.


Showmewhatugot was released as a digital single on 27 January 2016 and was included as the Purple Pick of the Week on streaming music service Tidal on 15 February 2016, more than six months before the release of the album.

Track listing
Details given for the Prince-related track only:
  1. Heart Of Stone
  2. Throwback
  3. Turnitup
  4. I Really Think Ur Cute - featuring Kuku Agami
  5. How Many Times - featuring Kuku Agami
  6. Showmewhatugot (3:15) 1
  7. What - featuring Hønetove
  8. I Was Told
  9. The Librarian
  10. Fatty Pappa Eddy
  11. Bassinyourface
  12. Sorry - featuring Kuku Agami
  13. One Time
  14. Free Ur Mind - featuring Gull-Mai

1 Written by Ida Nielsen.



  • In Memory Of Prince, Love4oneanother

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Denmark CD 1235813 center center center center

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Additional Information

Promotion (at time of release) Trivia

  • Other than sharing a title, the song Turnitup is unrelated to the unreleased 1982 track Turn It Up or the similarly titled Turn Up released by Judith Hill the previous year on her Back In Time album.

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