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The NPG: Gold Nigga

border The first "solo" album by the New Power Generation, Gold Nigga was made available at retail stalls on the Act II tour, beginning with the 31 August, 1993, Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Paris, France tourdate.

It was later sold at The New Power Generation Stores in Minneapolis and London, but there was no wider retail release. A second pressing of the album removed the track Guess Who’s Knockin', which borrows heavily from "The Wings" song "Let 'Em In" (written by "Paul McCartney", from the 1976 album "Wings At The Speed Of Sound").

The album produced one single, 2gether, made avalaible the same day, in a similar small-scale release

While Tony M. is featured as the lead vocalist, Prince can be heard at various points on the album, and was heavily involved in writing, producing and performing on the album (uncredited). The album was first developed as a concept in early 1992, and first worked on in April, 1992, when Goldnigga, Deuce & A Quarter and Goldie’s Parade were recorded at Studios 301, Sydney, Australia, during Australian dates on the Diamonds And Pearls Tour... >> Read more

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