Robin Power & The Uptown Dames

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Robin Power & The Uptown Dames

Robin Power & The Uptown Dames, was a short lived band (1990-1991) build to back up Robin Power on stage and to help her on the making of an album under Prince’s supervision that was ultimately left unreleased. Some of the members were recruited with an ad placed in the Los Angeles magazine Music Connection] in March 1990. Prince saw Robin Power & The Uptown Dames as a possible opening-act for a future tour, a regular live band at his Glam Slam Club and wanted them to write songs for Robin Power (he contributed a few songs for the project). The Uptown Dames were formed as a eight-member all-female band including two dancers. Keyboardist Liza Figueroa was put in charge as musical director. Songs for a possible album were recorded and Robin Power & The Uptown Dames performed their one and only show at the Glam Slam Club in March 1991. Prince lost interest in the project when he started to work with Carmen Electra. The group dissolved soon after and their album remain unreleased.

Band Members

  • Robin Power – lead vocals
  • Liza Figueroa – keyboards, background vocals
  • Lisa Briones (a.k.a. Lisa B.) – keyboard, background vocals
  • Joanie Haywood – bass, background vocals
  • Kim Griffen – drums
  • Tracy Konigson – guitar, background vocals
  • Alisa B. (Anderson), Kim Arland. (a.k.a. Kimberly Dionne), & Kimberly Rasheed – dance, vocals