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Rhythm Of Your ♥

Single details

Released: October 2007 -
Related album: Child Of The Sun
Label(s): NPG Records
Non-Album track(s):

Rhythm Of Your ♥ (Remix) (6:11)

Charts, Certifications & Awards

This record was not released on the commercial market and therefore not eligible for the charts
This single has not received any certifications in the USA or elsewhere
This single has not received any awards in the USA or elsewhere

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Child Of The Sun
(Unreleased album)

Rhythm Of Your ♥ was a single released on Mayte’s website beginning in October 2007.

While Mayte have preferred Ain’t No Place Like U, Prince chose The Rhythm Of Your ♥ as the third commercial single to promote Mayte’s first and only album Child Of The Sun (where the song was known as The Rhythm Of Your Heart), after The Most Beautiful Boy In The World and If Love U 2night, both of which preceded the album. Prince delivered to Mayte a stock of CD’s to be distributed to radio stations while she was in their house in Marbella, Spain sometimes in 1998. The plans were dropped when they started working on Scorpio (that was left unfinished). Mayte had kept the stock of CDs after their divorce and decided to put them on sale almost 10 years later. She did attend a show on the Per4ming Live 3121 residency in Las Vegas, NV, USA, and it is possible that as a result of discussions there, Prince allowed her to release the single.

No album was listed on the single’s artwork, however, and the single’s inner sleeve contains advertisements for the New Power Generation’s Newpower Soul, Chaka Khan’s Come 2 My House and Graham Central Station’s GCS 2000. The b-side, In Your Gracious Name, was also taken from Child Of The Sun. An extended remix of Rhythm Of Your ♥ (more likely the original full-length version) was included, featuring a rap by . Confusingly, the single’s artwork listed an incorrect tracklist, with the second and third tracks switched on the tracklist. The single received only a low-key release, and was not eligible for the charts.

Track listing
5" CD

1. Rhythm Of Your ♥ (3:16)
2. In Your Gracious Name (5:05) (listed as Rhythm Of Your ♥ (Remix))
3. Rhythm Of Your ♥ (Remix) (6:11) (listed as In Your Gracious Name)

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Promotion (at time of release) Triva

I Surrender
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