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1985: The Screams Of Passion Music Videos
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Sister Fate

Sister Fate music video selected snapshots

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First aired: Week of 22 July 1985
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Sister Fate is the second video by Sheila E. released for broadcast and to promote the single.

Shooting took place at Greystone Park & Mansion, Beverly Hills, California in Summer 1985. Sheila E. performs the song with her band which consists of Stephan Birnbaum (guitar), Susie Davis and Ken Grey (keyboards), Benny Rietveld (bass), Juan Escovedo and Karl Perazzo (percussion), and Eddie M. (horns). Sheila E. also plays the character of Sister Fate who blesses lovers with a wand like a good fairy. All the costumes and looks were heavily influenced by Miloš Forman 1984 film Amadeus.

The song’s lyrics, which hint at a potential romance between Sheila E. and Prince, are humorously portrayed through the insertion of (fake) newspaper headlines: "Sheila E to marry a mystery love" in the "L.A. Star" and "Who is Sheila E's mystery love" in "The Daily Tribune". Prince’s face (taken from the Raspberry Beret video) is also inserted in the clip to support the point. A message "You love me" is also subliminally included at the beginning of the video as well as the word "Fin" at the end (which means "The End" in french)

The cover art for the Romance 1600 album was shot on that day.

Shooting Information
Shooting Sessions
Date Location Additional info
Summer 1985 Greystone Park & Mansion,
Beverly Hills, CA, USA
  • Nancy Clendaniel - still photography
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Sister Fate 4:00

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