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One-Off Performance
8 August 2011 (a.m.)
Venue Amager Bio
City, Country Copenhagen, Denmark
Band Prince (guitar, bass, keyboard), John Blackwell (drums), Ida Nielsen (bass, vox), Morris Hayes (keyboards), Cassandra O’Neal (keyboards, vox), Andy Allo (guitar, vox), Shelby J. (vox, tambourine), Marva King (vox)
Guest(s) Janelle Monáe (vox, keyboard), Kellindo Parker (guitar), Terrence Brown (keyboards), Calvin Parmer (bass), Mike P. Phillips (drums), Lance Powlis (trumpet), Marcus Lewis (trombone), Nikka Costa (vox), Paloma Faith (vox)
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

We Party Hearty incl. Funky & It Takes Two chants Shelby J. lead vox w/ Kellindo Parker, Lance Powlis, Marcus Lewis
Outstanding Shelby J. lead vox, sans Prince
I Want To Be Free Marva King lead vox
Tightrope w/ Janelle Monáe, Kellindo Parker, Terrence Brown, Calvin Parmer, Mike P. Phillips, Lance Powlis, Marcus Lewis, Cassandra O’Neal, sans Prince
A Change Is Gonna Come w/ Lance Powlis lead vox, Kellindo Parker, Terrence Brown, Calvin Parmer, Mike P. Phillips & Cassandra O’Neal, sans Prince & Janelle Monáe
unidentified rap "I Like To Freestyle" incl. Lounging [Int] w/ (to be identified) Monáe bandmember lead vox, Kellindo Parker, Terrence Brown, Calvin Parmer & Mike P. Phillips, sans Prince & The NPG
Miss Celie’s Blues John Blackwell, Morris Hayes, Cassandra O’Neal w/ Nikka Costa lead vox, Lance Powlis & Marcus Lewis Prince on stage but not performing.
Rude Boy Shelby J. lead vox, w/ Lance Powlis & Marcus Lewis
(Theme Song From) Which Way Is Up? incl. Black Sweat chant Shelby J. lead vox, w/ Lance Powlis, Marcus Lewis & Jannelle Monáe
Play That Funky Music incl. Everybody Got Their Something & Love Rollercoaster [Int] w/ Nikka Costa
At Last w/ Paloma Faith lead vox, also w/ Lance Powlis, sans Andy Allo, Shelby J., Marva King & Prince
You’re The One For Me incl. ( Like) Funky Music chants Shelby J. lead vox, w/ 3 Hypnotic Brass Ensemble members, sans Prince

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Show Facts
Advertised Start Time / Start Time Length Of Show Attendance/Capacity Ticket Prices

01:30 / 02:55 105 minutes ? / 950 DDK 500

  • This show was announced as an afterparty shortly before the second NPG Music & Arts Festival show at 10-øren started. During the show Prince himself commented: We are playing somewhere else in this city tonight - I gotta go out tonight.
  • Amager Bio had been booked for a possible aftershow the prior night, but after a torrential rain storm abruptly cut the main show short and causing some of the equipment to get wet, the show was postponed until Sunday night / Monday morning.
  • Doors were due to open at 1:00, but open 30 minutes before that time. Patrons were proceeded to the venue lobby. Doors to the concert hall opened at 1:30.
  • There were no tickets printed. Anyone who paid the admittance (cash or creditcard) went straight inside without an actual ticket.
  • Prince didn’t participate much at all during the set. He didn’t sing at any point. If he was on stage it was to play synth or guitar, but sometimes just to hold up a mic for a trombone player.
  • After the show some 20 patrons unsuccessfully tried to ask for their money back as they argued Prince didn’t perform. Indeed for people on the right side of the stage it might have seemed like that as his contributions were so minimal.
Soundcheck Support Act(s)

  • no details known
  • none

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