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3121 Radio

Broadcast on The Prince Channel - no official artwork created

Show Details

Released: 1 May 2020
Length: 2:19:36

Broadcast Show Chronology

The New Power Generation Radio Show

WNPG Radio

3121 Radio

3121 Radio is a demo radio show compiled by Prince and DJ Rashida in early 2006 for Sirius Satellite Radio, with a plan to launch a full-time Prince-focused station during the promotional push for the album 3121. The project was unknown until it was used in the launch of a one-month Prince-themed posthumous Sirius XM station in May 2020, as exclusive content not previously heard. The recording likely took place over two days on 30 March 2006 and 16 April 2006.

Similar to earlier broadcasts like 1989’s The New Power Generation Radio Show, 1995’s WNPG Radio, and the eleven editions of the NPG Ahdio Show, the show includes music from Prince’s own catalogue and associated artists, as well as songs he was inspired by (some of which he had covered live), music selected by DJ Rashida, and skits and segues - in this case, performed by DJ Rashida and comedian Katt Williams, who appears as DJ Rashida’s 'roommate' "Ezekiel" for various skits.

In a Vanity Fair announcement about the show, the show was discussed by DJ Rashida and Sirius XM president Scott Greenstein:

"They recorded a two-and-a-half hour demo episode, but hardly anyone has heard it: “Nobody,” Rashida said, laughing, in a phone interview on Tuesday. She’d just been on the phone with other Prince collaborators. “I don’t think anybody knows that it exists other than the people who directly worked on it or were there while we were working on it,” Rashida said.
In 2005 Prince and SiriusXM (Sirius Satellite Radio at the time) had talked about starting an artist-designed show that could play unreleased and live recordings, interviews, and music he’d been listening to. “I really wanted Prince to turn his full creative genius into a curated radio experience,” SiriusXM president and chief content officer Scott Greenstein wrote in an email."

Of note is the otherwise-unavailable performance of Beautiful Strange, which DJ Rashida notes was recorded "live" at Prince’s 3121 Antelo Road residence in Los Angeles, CA, USA. No audience is heard, however, suggesting she meant that it was recorded live in one take in the venue. Also previously unavailable were the live versions of Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough, What Have You Done For Me Lately, and Play That Funky Music, by Támar featuring Prince, from their 25 February 2006 show at Minneapolis' Orpheum Theatre (Rock Steady and Partyman/It’s Alright from within the same set had previously been streamed on the NPG Music Club on 18 March 2006).

Track Listing

Timings are not given, as several of the tracks overlap or feature spoken segues in the format of a radio DJ speaking over a song’s introduction. Please note that tracks that are simple edits of other versions are not included in that song’s listing - a track is included in the individual song listing only if it is a remix, live, or other alternate recording. Part One:

  1. DJ Rashida Intro over The Journey To The Hanamachi (John Williams)
  2. 3121 - Prince
  3. DJ Rashida / Ezekiel skit over Housequake (7 Minutes Mo'Quake) (Prince)
  4. Dream Factory - Prince
  5. (Not Just) Knee Deep - Funkadelic
  6. DJ Rashida Segue
  7. Can’t Keep Living Alone - Támar
  8. DJ Rashida Segue
  9. I Can’t Stand The Rain - Graham Central Station
  10. DJ Rashida Segue
  11. Come To Me - Björk
  12. DJ Rashida / Ezekiel Black Sweat skit
  13. Black Sweat - Prince
  14. DJ Rashida / Ezekiel Black Sweat skit
  15. Baby Love - Mother’s Finest
  16. DJ Rashida Segue
  17. In Time - Sly & The Family Stone
  18. Fame - David Bowie
  19. DJ Rashida Segue with 2020 lyrical interpolation
  20. Medley: Sometimes I Cry (Les McCann) / Ghetto Child (Ahmad Jamal) / Harlem Buck Dance Strut (Les McCann) / Misdemeanor (Ahmad Jamal) / Metropole (Cesar Camargo Mariano) - with DJ Rashida voiceovers
  21. La Banda - Spanish Harlem Orchestra
  22. Prepera - Rubén Blades
  23. DJ Rashida Segue
  24. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) - Jimi Hendrix
  25. Beautiful Strange (Rehearsal) - Prince
  26. DJ Rashida / Ezekiel Beautiful Strange skit
  27. Help Me - Joni Mitchell
  28. DJ Rashida Segue over The Journey To The Hanamachi (John Williams)

Part Two:

  1. DJ Rashida / Ezekiel Intro over Common & Bilal ’s Star *69 (PS With Love)
  2. The Dance - Prince
  3. There Is Only So Much Oil In The Ground - Tower Of Power
  4. DJ Rashida Segue over Chocolate City (Parliament)
  5. Rock The Boat - Aaliyah
  6. DJ Rashida Segue
  7. True Knowledge Segue - DJ Rashida and Prince
  8. Sanaa Hamri Interview
  9. DJ Rashida Segue over China Girl (David Bowie)
  10. Rock Steady (Live) - Támar and Prince
  11. Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough (Live) - Támar and Prince
  12. What Have You Done For Me Lately (Live) - Támar and Prince
  13. Partyman / It’s Alright (Live) - Támar and Prince
  14. Play That Funky Music with If You Got Funk, You Got Style lyrical interpolation (Live) - Támar and Prince
  15. DJ Rashida Segue
  16. Come Live With Me Angel - Marvin Gaye
  17. DJ Rashida Segue
  18. No More - J*Davey
  19. Honey Molasses - Jill Scott
  20. DJ Rashida Segue with instrumental backing
  21. Satisfied - Prince


  • See individual tracks for musical personnel and production credits.

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