Act Of Contrition

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Act Of Contrition

from the album Like A Prayer
Song details
Performer: Madonna
First Released: 27 February 1989 - Like A Prayer single
Album(s): Like A Prayer
Writer(s): Madonna and Patrick Leonard
Producer(s): Madonna and Patrick Leonard
Live Appearances
First and last live appearance:
  • This track is not believed to have been performed live by Prince
Performed regularly on tour:
  • none
Performed occasionally in shows:
  • none

Act Of Contrition is the eleventh and final track on Madonna’s fourth album Like A Prayer, and three weeks before the album’s release, it was included as the b-side of Like A Prayer, the album’s first single. The track contains a guitar solo by Prince, who was not credited for the track, and was constructed mostly over a backwards sample from Like A Prayer.

Prince’s contribution was recorded in mid-November 1988, at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota. It is likely that his solo was recorded by itself (or possibly for use on Like A Prayer), and the track was compiled later.

Recording Information
Recording Sessions
Date Studio Additional info
Mid-November 1988 Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA Tracking (Prince guitar solo)
1988 Studio information needed Additional recording by Madonna
Recording Personnel

Released Versions

Information is given for Prince-related versions only

Title Length Released Version Additional info
Act Of Contrition 2:19 Like A Prayer

Like A Prayer single


Additional Information

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