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1989: Untitled Sheila E. album Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
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1989: Corporate World
Untitled Cat album

Album details

Intended Release Date: 1989
Label(s): Paisley Park Records
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA

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This entry details a planned solo (debut) album by Cat, songs for which have been recorded between November 1988 and January 1989, in between the US and Japan legs of the Lovesexy Tour. Only a handful of songs are known to have been recorded for the project before being abandoned, when Cat announced she was moving to England to work with producer Tim Simenon (of Bomb The Bass).

It is assumed it was going to be a rap album, as Cat wasn’t known to sing. Songs known to have been written specifically for this album by Prince (Cat may also have provided lyrics) are Cat Attack, Cat And Mouse, Nine Lives and A Man Called Jesus. A song called "December 1st, 1987" written solely by Cat about the cancelling of "The Black Album" was also planned for the album. Cat has stated that she also worked on Good Judy Girlfriend and Cornbread Rappers with Prince but it is not known if those songs were considered for this project.

Following the Japanese leg of the Lovesexy Tour in early 1989, Cat left Prince’s camp and moved to London, England to work with Tim Simenon when she signed on Steve Fargnoli’s label Red Dot Records. She released a single called "Catwoman" in 1989 (around the time of the release of the Batman album although it was unrelated to the movie and Prince had no involvement in the song). Her first album, called "I Am Energy", fully produced by Tim Simenon was completed but never saw the light of the day.

After Cat’s departure, Prince re-recorded Nine Lives with Morris Day for The Time’s Corporate World album, but it was left off when this album evolved into Pandemonium and it remains unreleased. A Man Called Jesus was released by Mavis Staples on her second Paisley Park Records album, The Voice in 1993. Cat Attack and Cat And Mouse remain unreleased.

Track listing

The album was never completed but was believed to include:

All tracks written by Prince (assumed) except where noted
1 Written by Cat



Additional Information


  • The planned album produced by Tim Simenon for Cat ("I Am Energy") was supposed to include the following songs: "Catwoman" / "R U Listening?" / "Love Like This" / "Everytime We Touch" / "Now It Rains" / "December 1st 1988" and "Good Judy Girlfriend". "Good Judy Girlfriend" is not related to Prince’s song of the same name. "Catwoman" and "Now It Rains" (which was written about Prince) were the only songs released from that planned album on a single in 1989 (with "Now It Rains" as the b-side).

Untitled Sheila E. album
Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
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