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NPG Q Untitled album

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Album details

Intended Release Date: 2014
Label(s): NPG Records
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA

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This entry details an untitled instrumental album by NPG Q, recorded in August 2014. NPG Q (short for NPG Quartet) was a band assembled by Prince in July 2014, that comprised John Blackwell on drums, Andrew Gouché on bass, Marcus Anderson on saxophone and Xavier Taplin on keyboards. The band played with Kandace Springs at her show at Paisley Park Studios on 26 July 2014 broadcast live on 3rdEye TV. Prince also asked them to rehearse some songs without him, which they did for two weeks. After those rehearsals, a show billed as the “Supermoon Recording Session” was held at Paisley Park on 10 August 2014. The name of the 4-piece band mentioned on the flyer was NPJazz. Some ten songs were played that night, including Hit It And Quit It, Trojan Horse, EBlues, 6/8 Joint, and Shaft. Prince guested for the first two songs during the show. When asked on Twitter if the show was recorded and if it will be released, @3RDEYEGIRL replied:
Nik West confirmed that the band was working on the tracks by posting a video on Tumblr with Andrew Gouché, Xavier Taplin and Kirk Johnson listening to an instrumental at Paisley Park Studios. Further sessions were done and Prince added his guitar to the songs. A month later on 18 September 2014, Dr Funkenberry tweeted:

NPG Q played two unidentified instrumentals during the release-party for the Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum albums at Paisley Park Studios on 30 September 2014. The planned album was shelved when John Blackwell left to tour with D’Angelo in October.

Nothing is known about Trojan Horse, EBlues, 6/8 Joint and Dome except that the were not written by Prince. Shaft is possibly a cover of Theme From Shaft by Isaac Hayes and Hit It And Quit It could be a cover of the Funkadelic song (from the album Maggot Brain). Andrew Gouché has confirmed that Mind Of J written by John Blackwell and previously released with his band, the John Blackwell Project, on their “4Ever Jia” album, his own Way Back When (that he wrote and would release on his first album "We Don’t Need No Bass" in a re-recorded form in 2015) and There’s That (written by Marcus Anderson) were also planned for the NPG Q album. Additionally, Marcus Anderson wrote Dandelion solely, after Prince told him a story about his father. The track was later re-recorded with other musicians, and released by Anderson in 2017 on his “Limited Release” album.

It is assumed that Prince produced the album and played guitar on all the tracks of the NPG Q album.

All of the songs recorded for the NPG Q project remain unreleased.

Track listing

The specific sequence of tracks is unknown, but tracks believed to have been included are:

All tracks assumed to be written collectively by John Blackwell, Marcus Anderson, Andrew Gouché and Xavier Taplin, except where noted:

1 : Written by John Blackwell
2 : Written by Andrew Gouché
3 : Written by Marcus Anderson
4 : Written by George Clinton, Billy Bass Nelson and Garry Shider (assumed)


  • Prince - producer (assumed)
  • Other production details unknown

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Unreleased Albums
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