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All Venues


This list represents all venues where Prince performed, including Tours, One-Off concerts, TV Shows, Awards Shows and Guest Appearances.

In case a venue changed name it is listed here under both old and new name. On a few occasions where a venue is known under two names that are alphabetically far apart (Stadion Feijenoord and Feijenoord Stadion) a venue is also listed under both names here.

Clicking on the venue will take you to the venue details and Prince live history.


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Venue City Country
Venue City Country
Yas Arena UAE Flag uae.jpg   UAE
Yokohama Arena Yokohama Flag japan.jpg   Japan
Yokohama Stadium Yokohama Flag japan.jpg   Japan
Le Zénith Paris Flag france.jpg   France
Zepp Sendai Sendai Flag japan.jpg   Japan
Ziggo Dome Amsterdam Flag netherlands.jpg   The Netherlands
La Zona Rosa Austin, TX Flag usa.jpg   USA