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Tour History


What is a tour ?

A tour is a series of six or more pre-announced concerts performed within a fairly limited period of time from one another, in at least four different venues/locations sharing the same theme, concept, basic setlist etcetera. Residencies (series of shows performed at one location) don;t qualify as a 'tour' per definition, but are also regarded tours for the purpose of this listing.
Three kinds of tours and residencies are taken in account:

  • Headlining: Prince and his band are the main feature of the tour (or residency).
  • Support act: Prince and his band perform a support set on a tour with someone else headlining.
  • Band member: Prince (with or without his band) is backing another (associated) act on tour.


The below section is a chronology of Prince's tours over the past decades. One off gigs, promotional shows, showcases, public rehearsals, benefits, private concerts, etcetera are not attributed in this section as they don't fit the rules to be considered for inclusion.

Aftershows and one off shows may have been performed during a tour, but fall out of the realm of being a show on the tour as they don't have the same stage set up, set list and are not a planned well in advance, with tickets on sale weeks or months ahead.

Disregarded as full-scaled tours are also the mini tours, such as the European mini Tour of 1981 (three dates) and the South-American mini tour of 1991 (also three dates). As well as the 'Welcome 2 Chicago' residency in 2012 (again only three shows). The 1986 so called 'Hit & Run' shows in the USA also fall outside the scope of what is regarded a tour as the dates were too far apart from one another (Nine shows over a period of exactly three months). Details about all these so called one-off shows can be found in the One-Off Appearances page.

Guest performances with other artists, Television Performances and Award Shows performances are categories of their own that are also listed separately.

For a complete scope of all performances made by Prince over the past decades, visit the All Concerts page.


Year(s) Tour name Category Location
1979 - 1980 Prince Tour Headlining USA
1980 Rick James Tour '80 Support act USA
1980 - 1981 Dirty Mind Tour Headlining USA
1981 - 1982 Controversy Tour Headlining USA
1982 - 1983 1999 Tour Headlining USA
1984 - 1985 Purple Rain Tour Headlining USA, Canada
1986 Parade Tour Headlining Europe, Japan
1987 Sign O' The Times Tour Headlining Europe
1988 - 1989 Lovesexy Tour Headlining Europe, USA, Japan
1990 Nude Tour Headlining Europe, Japan
1992 Diamonds And Pearls Tour Headlining Japan, Australia, Europe
1993 Act I Headlining USA, Canada
1993 Act II Headlining Europe
1995 The Ultimate Live Experience Headlining Europe
1996 Japan '96 Headlining Japan
1997 Love 4 One Another Charities Tour Headlining USA, Canada
1997 - 1998 Jam Of The Year World Tour Headlining USA, Canada
1998 New Power Soul Tour Headlining USA, Europe
1998 New Power Soul Festival Tour Headlining USA, Europe
2000 - 2001 Hit N Run Tour Headlining USA
2001 A Celebration Headlining USA
2002 One Nite Alone... Tour Headlining USA, Canada, Europe, Japan
2003 World Tour 2003 Headlining Hong Kong, Australia, USA
2004 Musicology Live 2004ever Headlining USA, Canada
2006 Támar Tour Band member USA
2006 - 2007 Per4ming Live 3121 Headlining USA
2007 21 Nights In London : The Earth Tour Headlining UK
2010 Prince 20TEN Tour Headlining Europe
2010 Prince Live 2010 Headlining Europe
2010 - 2011 Welcome 2 America Tour Headlining USA
2011 Welcome 2 America: Euro Tour 2011 Headlining Europe
2011 Welcome 2 Canada Tour Headlining Canada
2012 Welcome 2 Australia Tour Headlining Australia
2013 Live Out Loud Tour Headlining Canada, USA
2014 Hit And Run Part II Headlining Europe
2015 Hit 'N' Run Tour 2015 Headlining USA
2016 Prince: Piano & A Microphone 2016 Headlining Australia, New-Zealand, USA, Canada

Tour Maps

  • An overview of the respective tour maps can be found here.

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