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Associated Artists List


An Associated Artist biography page is available for artists who significantly worked with Prince. That will include:

  • New artists produced by Prince, who released albums or singles on his own labels.
  • Artists who released albums or singles containing several Prince songs on his own labels.
  • Artists who collaborated with Prince on several projects and aspect of his career (studio recordings / live performances).

It will exclude:

  • Associated Bands: see Associated Bands instead.
  • Associated artists who already had a successful career before their association with Prince:
- George Clinton, Chaka Khan, Loïs Lane, Martika, Mavis Staples, Sheena Easton etc.
  • Associated Artist that only had one or two songs given to them or only had their album released on a Prince-label:
- Dale, Tony LeMans, Taja Sevelle etc.

Name Activity Active with Prince in
Andy Allo Associate artist, The NPG guitar player & backing vox 2011-2012
Tevin Campbell Associate artist, Singer 1990-1994
Margie Cox Flash Lead singer, studio backing vox 1988-1990
Ingrid Chavez Associate artist, Singer 1987-1992
Támar Davis Singer 2005-2006
Elisa Fiorillo Associate artist, Singer, The NPG back vox 1990, 2009-2011
Sheila E. Associate artist, Singer, The 87-89 Band Drummer & percussionist 1984-1987, 2004, 2006, 2010-2011
Carmen Electra Associate artist, Singer 1992
T.C. Ellis Associate artist, Rapper 1990-1991
Anna Fantastic Singer 1988
Nona Gaye Singer 1994
Jill Jones Singer 1982-1988
Eric Leeds Associate artist, The Family, The Revolution & Madhouse saxophone player 1984-1989, 1994, 1996, 2002
Mayte Associate artist, The NPG Dancer & backing vox 1992-1995, 1996, 1997, 1999
Eddie Mininfield The E. band saxophone player 1984-1987
Robin Power Robin Power & The Uptown Dames lead singer 1989-1991
Bria Valente Associated singer 2009

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