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Band details

Assembled: ?
Disbanded: ?
Activity with Prince: 1986
Live Performances
First live appearance w/Prince:
Performed regularly on tour:
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Performed occasionally in shows:
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With Prince:
With Prince's Associates:
Self Productions w/Prince:
  • Albums
1986 Mazarati (Paisley Park)

Billboard Top Pop Albums peak position 133
Billboard R&B Albums peak position 49

  • Singles
1986 100 MPH (single)

Billboard Dance / Disco peak position 12
Billboard R&B Singles peak position 19

Mazarati is an American R&B band formed in the mid-1980s by former The Revolution bassist Brown Mark. Originally hailing from Minneapolis, they are now defunct as a group. The band’s sole hit was a song called "100 MPH", which was written and co-produced by Prince.

Sir Casey Terry (vocals) and Jerome "Romeo" Cox (bass) were students at a Minneapolis high school when they met bassist and fellow student Brown Mark, who gave them a lot of encouragement and went on to become famous after joining Prince’s band, The Revolution. With Brown Mark giving them a lot of guidance, Terry and Romeo ended up calling their band "Mazarati" and hired several more Minneapolis-based musicians, including lead guitarist Craig "Screamer" Powell, drummer Kevin "Blondie" Patrick, rhythm guitarist Tony Christian, and keyboardists Marr Starr and Aaron Paul "Ace" Keith.

Mazarati’s association with Brown Mark led to a deal with Prince’s Paisley Park label, which released the Midwesterners' self-titled debut album in 1986.

The band continued after its association with Prince and signed with Motown Records releasing their second album, Mazarati 2 (1989), including the singles "The Saga Of A Man" and "The Woman Thang". Brown Mark and former Klymaxx-founding member Bernadette Cooper both worked as producers on this album which experienced little success; the distribution of the LP and CD appears to have been limited in quantity.

In 2011, Craig "Screamer" Powell and Marvin Gunn assembled a new band based upon Mazarati’s back catalogue, "Mazarati Revisited". A debut show, tour and album were reputed to be in the works.

Line Up

Additional Band Members:

  • Kelly Gravely: Drums
  • Daniel Satterberg: Keyboards



The band is notable for songs that they did not release: they were originally given Kiss, a country blues demo recorded by Prince. After they transformed the one-verse, one-chorus track into a funk number, Prince decided to take it back. He added a guitar break and his vocals, but kept Mazarati’s background vocals and released the song on his Parade (1986). Kiss became a No. 1 hit single.

Another song given to Mazarati was an outtake from The Time called Jerk Out. Their take on the song never made the album, but the track was re-recorded in 1990 by The Time and became a No. 1 single. Sir Casey Terry’s background vocals were kept on The Time’s released version.


On July 1, 1986, the group performed Players' Ball, I Guess It’s All Over and 100 MPH live at the premiere party of Under The Cherry Moon, held at the Centennial Theater of the Sheridan Convention Center - Holiday Inn, Sheridan, Wyoming. A few other live concerts took place the same year.

Additional Information

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1986 Players' Ball (single)
Billboard Black Singles peak position 79
1986 Stroke (single)
1987 Mazarati 2 (Motown)
1989 The Saga Of A Man (single)
1989 The Woman Thang (single)

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