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NPG Hornz

NPG Hornz is the collective name for the brass ensemble playing with The NPG. Initially formed in 1991 as a nameless collective, the were first referred to as NPG Hornz on the album.

Original Line-up

The inital NPG Hornz comprised:

Additional Band Members

They later regrouped with Kenni Holmen replacing Brian Gallagher and called themselves The Hornheads. On Prince albums usually spelled as 'Hornheadz'

One Nite Alone & Musicology Line-up

In 2002 the NPG Hornz, playing live with the NPG were centered around:

Additional Band Members

By 2004 Najee And Eric Leeds no longer appeared with the NPG Hornz and the comprised the trio Maceo Parker, Greg Boyer and Candy Dulfer.

2005-2011 Line-up

In 2005 Candy Dulfer was no longer with the brass section. The NPG often performed without hornz and on occasion Ray Monteiro (trumpet), Steve Baxter (trombone) and Garrett Smith (trombone) joined the band. Eddie M. (saxophone) palyed with the NPG Hornz on a few gigs as well. As did on occasion the horn section of Grupo Fantasma: Leo Guana (trombone), Gilbert Elorreaga (trumpet), Josh Levy (saxophone) and Gene Ceteno (saxophone).
In 2007 Lee Hogans (trumpet) was added with Greg Boyer still on trombone. Maceo Parker played some gigs in 2006 and 2007 with The NPG, but due to other commitments did not perform with the NPG Hornz for every gig.
Between 2008 and 2011 The NPG Mostly performed without a brass section. After a gig in 2011 where The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble played with Prince and another one where Trombone Shorty guested, Prince reintroduced the Hornz to his live band again.

2012-2015 Line-up

In September 2012 he introduced the new NPG Hornz as an 11 piece ensemble:

In the following years not all of them performed on each occasion. When they perform with Andy Allo in 2012 they operated as a six-piece ensemble comprising Lynn Grissett, Joey Rayfield, Adrian Crutchfield, Marcus Anderson, Steve Reid and BK Jackson. When performing with Liv Warfield in 2015 it’s usually the same ensemble, but with Keith Anderson instead of Steve Reid, while earlier they were sometimes there as a 10-piece with only Sylvester Onyejiaka with missing on occasion. When performing with Prince in 2015, they consisted of only four members Marcus Anderson, Keith Anderson, Joey Rayfield and Lynn Grissett. Marcus Anderson has also guested alone with some Prince & 3rdEyeGirl performances.

Studio Work

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No music has been released using the name "The NPG Hornz". The Hornheads issued 3 albums, but they don’t contain any Prince contribution.

Live Performances

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