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Liv Warfield

Liv Warfield by Inger Klekacz in Portland, OR, USA (28 December 2011)
© 2011 Inger Klekacz

Artist details

Birth Name: Olivia Leann Warfield
Occupation: Singer, Background Singer
Activity with Prince: 2009-2014
Live Contributions
Worked on the following tour(s):
Worked on shows in:
Studio Contributions
With Prince:
  • Album(s)
2010: 20Ten
2021: Welcome 2 America
  • Song(s)
2009: Compassion, Beginning Endlessly, Future Soul Song, Sticky Like Glue, Act Of God, Everybody Loves Me, Laydown
2010: Purple And Gold, Hot Summer, Rich Friends, Black Muse, 1000 Light Years From Here, Welcome 2 America, Running Game (Son Of A Slave Master), Born 2 Die, Stand Up And B Strong, Check The Record, Same Page, Different Book, When She Comes, 1010 (Rin Tin Tin), Yes, One Day We Will All B Free
2013: Big City
2014: Live Out Loud
With Prince's Associates:
  • Album(s)
2013: Andy Allo - Superconductor
Self Productions with Prince:
  • Album(s)
2014: The Unexpected

Liv Warfield is an American singer, native to Peoria, Illinois. After self-releasing her first album "Embrace Me" in 2006, she was hired as background vocalist in The NPG and subsequently toured with Prince from 2009 to 2012.

In 2014 she released her second album, The Unexpected, on which Prince appears as Executive Producer and for which he has contributed two songs: The Unexpected and Your Show.

Musical Career
Early Career

Liv Warfield grew up as the daughter of a deacon at the Pentecostal Church of Jesus in Peoria, IL. By age 8, Warfield's athleticism started blossoming, eventually developing her into an Olympic-caliber sprinter and an All-American gymnast.

When she moved to Portland, Oregon to attend college (on a Track & Field scholarship) a friend introduced her to karaoke, drawing some attention as "Olivia". She trained religiously five-days a week at Portland's Galaxy and Ambassador Lounges.

Liv Warfield emerged on Portland's music scene in 2002 when she began performing with a hip-hop band called "Money N' Lovin" followed by a successful showcase collaborating with Nashville keyboardist Joey Porter and his soul-jazz ensemble "Silky," where Warfield became lead vocalist.

In 2004, Liv took center stage in her own band entitled "Liv & The Warfield Project." 2 years later, she released her first album, "Embrace Me" on B&M Records, Inc.

Work With Prince

Liv first came to Paisley Park on 4 October 2008. Prince had invited her after seeing an audition tape she had sent in, instigated by Marva King who she had ran into a few month prior and who was taken by her vocal abilities.

Invited to join The NPG in late 2008, she debuted with Prince on 12 January 2009 (am) at a semi-public late night parties in Beverly Hills, CA - 'The 77' (Beverly Park Residence). Her first public appearance with Prince took place 2 months later, on 25 March 2009 at The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

From 2009 to 2012, Liv toured extensively with Prince and The NPG in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Current Work

In 2014, Liv released her second album, The Unexpected, which she recorded in Portland. The record features The Unexpected, a track written by Prince, and Your Show, a song co-written with Prince, who also appears on the album as Executive Producer.

While promoting her album, Liv still worked with Prince as background vocalist.

In november 2014 she was nominated for three 2014 Soul Train Music Awards: Best New Artist, Best Contemporary Jazz Performance (for Stay - "Soul Lifted") and Best Independent R&B/Soul Performance (for Why Do You Lie?) and won the 2014 Soul Train Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Performance.

Liv Warfield toured with Prince as a background singer for the Hit N Run 2015 Tour which started on 14 March 2015 in Louisville, KY, USA.

Additional Information

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2006: Embrace Me (album)
2012: Liv Warfield Experience Live (album)
2013: Catch Me If You Can (single)
2013: Why Do You Lie? (single)

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