Record Plant Remote - Black Truck

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Record Plant Remote - Black Truck

Overview & History

The Record Plant Remote - Black Truck is a mobile recording facility for rent that was utilized by Prince on various locations from 1983 onward. It was based on 44th St. New York and originally co-engineered by Dave Hewitt from Record Plant Studios in New York, New York.


The truck was equipped with a 48 input, 32 bus custom Trident Series 80. It has two Ampex MM1200 tape machines and an Ampex ATR 102 2-track and 4-track recorder as well. It was fitted with UREI 813, Yamaha NS-10, B&W DM100 and ROR. monitors, with Bryston 46, Crown DC300A monitor amps. Inboard features included two UREI 1176, two dbx 160, (two) dbx 160X, Lexicon PCM60, a Yamaha REV7, eleven custom API distribution amplifiers, a Sony 22-inch monitor, Video humbuck coil, isolated video and code/sync patchbay w/ Helios connectors. Outboard extensive selection of outboard 1.; available from the Record Plant New York Studio. Input box, 56 input 3-way splitter with Lenson 1E- MB-D transformers, 12-channel line level aux box with three video lines. Main snake, 500-foot Belden 56 mic, 12 line, 3 video. Microphones, Neumann, AKG, Sony, Beyer. Shure, E-V. A Sony AVC 1400 video camera, Chaos Audio Intercom, wide assortment of mic stands, 6 and 12 channel sub-snakes were also available.

Mobile recordings

Shows and sessions

The Black Truck was utilized at the following dates

Other Trucks

This was one of four different remote recording trucks Prince used in the Purple Rain era. See also: Mobile Audio Remote Recording, Le Mobile and Record Plant Mobile Unit II