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NPG Records Sampler Experience

Sampler details

Released: 3 March 1995 (given to some attendees on The Ultimate Live Experience tour)
Length: 07:46
Label(s): NPG Records

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(Unreleased Madhouse album)
NPG Records Sampler Experience is a promotional cassette featuring songs and segues primarily from The The NPG’s album Exodus, Madhouse’s album 24 and The NPG Orchestra’s Kamasutra that was given out to some attendees on The Ultimate Live Experience tour.

The cassette, compiled on 5 January 1995, was mostly a promotional tool for albums planned to be released in 1995 by NPG Records :

Additionally, (Lemme See Your Body) Get Loose! is announced as being from the soon-to-be-released Tora Tora Experience (which was also left unreleased). A version of (Lemme See Your Body) Get Loose! was included on Crystal Ball released under the name in 1998, retitled Get Loose and without the intro that is sampled on the cassette.

Somebody’s Somebody is sung by Derick Hughes and was recorded during sessions for Exodus. His full version remains unreleased but Prince (as ) released his own version in 1996 on Emancipation.

Four NPG Operator segues were done with Rain Ivana specifically for the tape and were not available elsewhere.

All of the snippets of Exodus album were released in full form. Two segues were given specific titles for the NPG Records Sampler Experience: NPG Operator Intro is titled 1-800-New-Funk on the tape, while the second untitled segue (and seventh track) of Exodus is titled Sonny Turns The TV Off here. The lengths and contents are otherwise identical. Kamasutra was also released in full on the album of the same name.

The full version of Asswhuppin’ In A Trunk was included (without the NPG Operator voiceover) on NPG Ahdio Show 6 in 2001. Of the Madhouse tracks included on the NPG Records Sampler Experience, only Parlor Games remains unreleased in its entirety. Ethereal is identical to the segue planned for 24. Other excerpts of Madhouse’s 24 album would be included on The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold) promotional cassette in July 1995, but the album remains unreleased.

Track listing
  1. N.P.G. Operator (0:14)
  2. 1-800 NEW FUNK (0:38)
  3. Get Wild (0:34) - The NPG
  4. DJ Gets Jumped (Segue) (0:23) - The NPG
  5. New Power Soul (0:34) - The NPG
  6. Sonny Turns The TV Off (Segue) (0:43) - The NPG
  7. Count The Days (0:34) - The NPG
  8. N.P.G. Operator (0:12)
  9. (Lemme See Your Body) Get Loose! (0:33) - Tora Tora
  10. N.P.G. Operator (0:05)
  11. Asswhuppin’ In A Trunk (0:34) - Madhouse
  12. Ethereal Segue (0:28) - Madhouse
  13. Parlor Games (0:34) - Madhouse
  14. Somebody’s Somebody (0:46) - Derick Hughes
  15. N.P.G. Operator (0:17)
  16. Kamasutra (Excerpt) (0:42) - The NPG Orchestra


  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.

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