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Black Sweat

Black Sweat music video selected snapshots

Music Video details

First aired: 2 February 2006
Producer(s): Sheira Rees-Davies / Nicole Acacio
Director: Sanaa Hamri
Related home video/DVD: Black Sweat CD single
First (Commercially) Released: 7 March 2006


Date Institution, Country Award
This music video has not received any awards in the USA

Black Sweat is a Prince video released for broadcast and to promote the single. The video was included in an enhanced part of the single.

The video was directed by Sanaa Hamri and filmed at Prince's rented house on Sierra Alta Way (3121) on 21 January 2006. Some photos of the shoot were posted on the NPGMC website while it was happening.

Black Sweat is the second video shot in black and white (after Girls & Boys). It features only Prince, dancer Celestina Aladekoba and DJ Rashida. There are some touches of humor when Prince shows his insensitivity to the suggestive dances of Celestina and also a reference to a scene from Kiss when he makes a disgusted expression when she shouts "like a white lady".

Of note, Prince reads (a fictitious or ultimately unreleased issue of) the 3121 Newsletter with Támar Davis on the cover (see trivia). The shooting took place the day after the first show of a 13-date tour with her.

Shooting Information
Shooting Sessions
Date Location Additional info
21 January 2006 3121 (Private Residence)
  • Sanaa Hamri - director
  • Sheira Rees-Davies - co-producer
  • Nicole Acacio - co-producer
  • Checco Varese - director of photography
  • Joe Waistell - first assistant camera
  • Fatima Robinson - choreographer
  • More information needed

Released Versions
Title Length Released Version Additional info
Black Sweat 3:19 Black Sweat enhanced CD Single (2006)
Prince YouTube channel (2018)

Released for sale as separate track on iTunes (2018)

Additional Information

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