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Count The Days

Count The Days music video selected snapshots

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First aired: 30 August 1995
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Count The Days is a video by The NPG released for broadcast and to promote the single (released in the UK and in Europe only).

The video was filmed in the morning of 7 June 1995 at the Glam Slam South, Miami, Florida, where Prince set to give three shows to celebrate his 'second' birthday as SymbolSmallerBlue.png.

Count The Days features The NPG with Tora Tora in the foreground singing (the censored version of) the track. The performance is interspersed with black and white footage of Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil rights movement among others to illustrate the struggles of African Americans over the years.

The video was shown during a Paisley Park party on 12 August 1995. Although the single was released in Europe only in July, the video was premiered on the American music channet BET on 30 August 1995 and included on the 'Video Break' part of the Love 4 One Another TV-special.

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7 June 1995 Glam Slam South, Miami, FL, USA
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Count The Days 3:24

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