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Empty Room

Unreleased Music Video details

Shooting or Planned shooting date: Late 1994
Producer(s): Information needed
Director: Prince

This entry details a video for the song Empty Room. The videos for 18 & Over, Zannalee and Empty Room (shot in late 1994, around the same time as the videos for The Same December and I Like It There) were completed by Prince (then ) and date-stamped on December 22nd 1994. At the time, all three tracks were unreleased: Zannalee was later released on Chaos And Disorder (in 1996), 18 & Over on Crystal Ball (in 1998) and a live version of Empty Room was included on C-Note (in 2004). The three videos were premiered on the The Ultimate Live Experience Tour in March 1995, when they were screened prior to the concerts along with video clips of The Same December, The NPG’s Get Wild and Mayte’s If ♥ U 2night. The three videos were also shown at The New Power Generation Stores in Minneapolis and London and at the Glam Slam nightclubs, but they were never released to any television stations. They were also not used in promotion of Chaos And Disorder or Crystal Ball. A single, loosely knit storyline takes place in the three videos, which run for over 10 minutes.

The Empty Room video begins where Zannalee ends: purs on his hat, indicating that he won’t be joining the girls in bed. He is pictured remembering Mayte who plays two characters in this video. She is seen wandering in a city and entering what looks like a city hall or a theatre. Dressed with an angel outfit and a crown of roses, she also contemplates herself dancing. is then pictured lying in his bathtub with his pants on (recalling the lyrics of The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker). Throughout the video, he remembers Mayte’s beauty and contemplates phoning her, but he can’t seem to gather the courage. is pictured writing "slave" on his face while looking in the mirror before leaving his home, symbol-shaped cane in hand.

Much like the Zannalee video, the storyline is interspersed with footage of The NPG (Michael B. and Sonny T. only) performing the song with . Both performances were most likely shot in sequence. Interestingly, the video uses the original 1985 version of Empty Room and not an updated version. A live version of the song from 2002 was released as a members-only download from the NPG Music Club and included on the C-Note album in 2004. Footage from this video (of Mayte wandering, dancing and dressed as an angel and in his bathroom) were included in the The Holy River in 1996.

Some footage from this video were included in the 95 Tour Wallpaper video.

Shooting Information
Shooting Sessions
Date Location Additional info
Late 1994 Unknown location, MN, USA
  • Prince – director
  • More information needed
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