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Time Waits For No One

Time Waits For No One music video selected snapshots

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First aired: Week of 25 December 1989
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Time Waits For No One is a video by Mavis Staples released for broadcast and to promote the single. It was shot in Minneapolis, Minnesota mostly in Fall 1989. Footage of Staples singing the track during the photo shoot that spawned the album cover released earlier in the year is inserted into the video. Prince makes a cameo, marking his first appearance in another artist’s video.

The video consists mostly of Mavis Staples reflecting on her past, with black and white footage showing her singing with The Staples Singers while she is waiting in vain for her lover to decide to enter into a serious relationship with her. She ends up burning his picture because he doesn’t want to make up his mind. Prince appears in the beginning and end, playing guitar under a lamp-post.

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Late 1989 Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Time Waits For No One 4:38

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