What It Feels Like

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What It Feels Like

from the album Art Official Age
Song details
Performer: Prince and Andy Allo
First Released: 11 July 2013 (a.m.) - 3rdEye TV broadcast # 16 stream

30 September 2014 - Art Official Age album

Album(s): Art Official Age
Writer(s): Prince (assumed)
Producer(s): Prince and Joshua Welton
Live Appearances
First and last live appearance:
  • This track is not believed to have been performed live by Prince
Performed regularly on tour:
  • none
Performed occasionally in shows:
  • none

What It Feels Like is the eighth track on Prince’s 37th album Art Official Age. Almost 15 months before its release, however, the track was streamed during a DJ set by Dudley D. on 11 July 2013 (a.m.), during 3rdEye TV broadcast # 16. The track is a duet between Prince and Andy Allo.

Basic tracking dates are unknown, but it is likely the track was recorded between Fall 2011 and early 2012 at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota, during recording sessions for Andy Allo’s second album Superconductor, that also produced Breakdown, Time and When Stars Collide, which ended up on Andy Allo's Superconductor album and uses the phrase “this is what it feels like” repeatedly. In fact What It Feels Like was initially recorded as the second half of When Stars Collide, “If you play the two songs, they should seamlessly go together,” Andy Allo has said about the song in a 2014 interview.

The track’s lyrics also make reference to the Biblical figures David and Saul.

Recording Information
Recording Sessions
Date Studio Additional info
Fall 2011 - early 2012 (assumed) Paisley Park Studios,
Chanhassen, MN, USA (assumed)
Recording Personnel
  • Prince - co-lead vocals and all instruments (assumed)
  • Andy Allo - co-lead vocals
  • No other recording personnel information is known at this time.

Released Versions
Title Length Released Version Additional info
What It Feels Like 3:53 Art Official Age Studio
Broadcasts/streaming (only)
Title Length Released Version Additional info
What It Feels Like 2:59 3rdEye TV Show # 16 studio video stream Edit
Sampled, Referred to, Quoted in...
Title Length Released Version Additional info
Time 6:49 Art Official Age Studio
Additional Information

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