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Single details

Released: 28 September 1987
Related album: 16
Label(s): Warner Bros. / Paisley Park Records
Non-album tracks: (The Perfect) 10 (3:51)

10 (The Perfect Mix) (7:13)
Ten And ½ (3:18)

10 (a.k.a. Ten or (The Perfect) 10) was the first single from Madhouse's second album 16. It was released seven weeks prior to the album in the USA and the UK only.

The title track was known as Ten on the album (fitting in with other Madhouse titles from 8 and 16, which all feature the titles as written words, rather than numbers), but the single clearly uses the number as its title. The b-side, Ten And ½ (sic), was not available on any album. An extended version of Ten (Ten (The Perfect Mix)) was available on the single's 12".

The single reached number 66 on the US Billboard R&B Chart, but did not enter the Billboard Pop Chart.

Track listing


(US: 7-28182)
A. (The Perfect) 10 (3:51)
B. Ten And ½ (3:18)


(US: 0-20795, UK: 920 795-0)
A. 10 (The Perfect Mix) (7:13)
B1. (The Perfect) 10 (7" Version) (3:51)
B2. Ten And ½ (3:18)
B3. Two (5:29)


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Chart, Country Entry Date Peak Position Weeks In Chart
Billboard R&B Chart, USA 14 Nov. 1987 66 10


Variants, special editions and re-releases

  • None.

See also

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