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1994: Link=Single: “Live” “Live” Unreleased Singles
Unreleased Singles
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1994: Link=Single: Loose! Loose!
Come EP

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Single details

Intended Release Date: Fall 1994
Related album: Come
Label(s): NPG Records (assumed)

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Come EP is an unreleased EP planned for release in late 1994, accompanying a single of (possibly) an 18 & Over version of Come, with Dark as its b-side. A maxi-single EP, known as Come EP was planned to include remixes of Come, including two versions of Come (18 & Over), which was later known only as 18 & Over and released on Crystal Ball, the 7" version of Dark, and remixes of Space and Loose!. Prince remixed the songs and compiled the EP on 14 September 1994, for a possible release soon after, but the project was shelved indefinitely with the release of the Space single containing some of the same mixes as on the proposed EP.

Track listing
7" 12"

1. Come
2. Dark

A1. Come: 18 & Over (12" Remix)
A2. Dark (7" Remix)
A3. Space (Funky Stuff Remix)
A4. Loose! (Munster Bass Remix)
B1. Come: 18 & Over (7”)
B2. Space (Funky Stuff Remix Dub #3)
     (same as released Space (Funky Stuff Remix))
B3. Space (Acoustic Remix Vsn #1)
B4. Loose! (Dub Remix)
B5. Space (Universal Love Remix)


1. Come: 18 & Over (12" Remix)
2. Dark (7" Remix)
3. Space (Funky Stuff Remix)
4. Loose! (Munster Bass Remix)
5. Come: 18 & Over (7”)
6. Space (Funky Stuff Remix Dub #3)
      (same as released Space (Funky Stuff Remix))
7. Space (Acoustic Remix Vsn #1)
8. Loose! (Dub Remix)
9. Space (Universal Love Remix)

  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.
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Unreleased project.png 1994
Unreleased Singles
Unreleased Singles
(Related Artists)
Unreleased project.png