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1994: Link=Single: “Live” “Live” Unreleased Singles
Unreleased Singles
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1994: Link=Single: Loose! Loose!
Come EP

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Single details

Intended Release Date: Summer 1994
Related album: Come
Label(s): NPG Records (assumed)

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Come EP is an unreleased single planned for release in late 1994. The b-side was believed to be Dark, with a maxi-single planned to include multiple remixes of Come, including a remix known as Come (18 & Over), which was later known only as 18 & Over and released on Crystal Ball. Also included was the version of Come included on the TV special The Beautiful Experience.

Track listing

1. Come
2. Dark

Maxi-single tracklist unknown, but believed to include:

See individual tracks and related albums for credits.

Additional Information


Unreleased project.png 1994
Unreleased Singles
Unreleased Singles
(Related Artists)
Unreleased project.png