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Unreleased Singles

This section lists Prince’s singles projects that have been planned for release by a record label, before being shelved.

For Unreleased singles by The NPG and/or other associated artists, see Related Artists Unreleased Singles. For unreleased configurations of released singles, see respective single pages.

1979 1986 1987 1990 1990 1991 1993
Let’s Rock Shockadelica The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker Tick, Tick, Bang The Question Of U Gangster Glam Blue Light

1993 1993 1993 1994 1994 1994 1995
Sweet Baby Love 2 The 9’s Papa EP “Live” Come EP Loose! The Tora Tora Experience

1995 1996 1996 2000 2001 2004 2010
Right Back Here In My Arms The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
(Mustang Mix '96)
Happy Tears The Hot X-perience High Reflection Rich Friends

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