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The Bird

Thebird single.jpg

Single details

Released: 11 January 1985 (US release)

29 March 1985 (Dutch release)

Related album: Ice Cream Castle
Label(s): Warner Bros.
Non-album tracks: The Bird (Edit) (3:41)

The Bird (Remix) (6:25)
My Drawers (Edit) (3:42)

The Bird was the third and final single to be released from The Time's third album Ice Cream Castle, and was released about six months after the album. The single contained an edit of the track. The b-side, My Drawers, was also an edited version of a track taken from the album. The 12" single also included a remix of The Bird. The single was released in North America, the UK, and Germany. Oddly, the release is credited to "Morris Day & The Time" on the sleeve (with a picture of the original incarnation of the band with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and without Jerome Benton) and to "The Time" on the labels.

The single reached number 36 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart, number 33 on the Billboard Black Chart and number 6 in the Billboard Hot Dance/Disco chart.

Track listing


(US: 7-29094, UK: K1790, GER: 929094-7)
A. The Bird (Edit) (3:41)
B. My Drawers (Edit) (3:42)


(US: 0-20315)
A. The Bird (Remix) (6:25)
B. My Drawers (Edit) (3:42)

7" promo

(US: 7-29094) A. The Bird (Edit) (3:41)
B. The Bird (Edit) (3:41)

12" promo

(US: PRO-A-2242)
A1. The Bird (LP Version) (7:40)
A2. The Bird (Edit) (3:41)
B. My Drawers (Edit) (3:42)

7" Back To Back Hits 1985 reissue

(US: 7-29094) A. The Bird (Edit) (3:41)
B. Jungle Love (Edit) (3:24)


  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.


Chart, Country Entry Date Peak Position Weeks In Chart
Billboard Black Singles Chart, USA 19 Jan. 1985 33 11
Billboard Hot Dance/Disco Chart, USA 9 Feb. 1985 6 10
Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart, USA 23 Feb. 1985 36 13


Variants, special editions and re-releases

  • See 1985 Back To Back Hits reissue listed above.

See also


  • Ironically, The Bird is the first song on which all the members of The Time actually play, but the group was already disbanded when the single was released.
  • Incidentally, the b-side My Drawers would also become the b-side of Chocolate in 1990, their last single before the group disbanded once again.


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