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Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey (cover)

Album details

Intended Release Date: 2006
Label(s): NPG Records / Universal Records
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA; 3121 Antelo Rd., Los Angeles, CA, USA

See also

Beautiful, Loved & Blessed
(Promo single)
Holla & Shout
(Promo single)
Beautifullovedandblessed single.jpg Holla&shout single.jpg

Alternate Album Configuration

  • 2005 configuration as Wild Child
  1. Milk & Honey
  2. Closer 2 My Heart
  3. Can’t Keep Living Alone
  4. Dancing Room Only
  5. Beautiful, Loved & Blessed
  6. Holy Ground
  7. When Darkness Comes
  8. Segue
  9. Sunday In The Park
  10. Best Of Me
  11. First Love
  12. Wild Child
Milk & Honey (originally titled Beautiful, Loved & Blessed) is the unreleased debut studio album by Támar Davis, and was recorded in 2005 and early 2006, with a planned release in Spring 2006. The album was advertised on a flyer included in Prince’s album 3121, and Prince and Támar Davis appeared on television promoting the album; Prince even toured as Támar Davis’s guitar player on the 2006 Támar Tour to help promote the album.

The album was delayed from a March release to May, and then to August, before being canceled altogether. Some copies were sold in Japan, so the cover and full credits are known, but the album did not receive an official release.

All tracks were written and produced by Prince and Támar Davis, and all contain Prince playing most instruments, with Michael B. and Sonny T. appearing on some unidentified tracks, and C.C. Dunham and Joshua Dunham appearing on other unidentified tracks.

Somewhat unusually, the CD contained a video track of Prince’s performance at the 2006 BRIT Awards, which featured Támar Davis as a back-up singer but not in any prominent role on any of the songs performed.

The album was initially titled Wild Child, then Beautiful, Loved & Blessed. The title was changed to Milk And Honey and planned to be released as such. In October 2006, after Támar Davis had parted ways from Prince, she released a digital EP, titled Prelude To Támar, containing three tracks from the album (Holy Ground, Sunday In The Park and All EyeBlue.png Want Is U) ; this was planned as a prelude to an independent album containing some tracks from Milk & Honey as well as some additional material; this album also remains unreleased, however. In November 2010, Támar Davis released her "debut" album, My Name Is Támar, but the album did not include any songs from the Milk & Honey album.

Beautiful, Loved & Blessed was included in a slightly different form on Prince’s 31st album 3121 (as Beautiful, Loved And Blessed), and the Milk & Honey version was also available on the promotional single Beautiful, Loved & Blessed (designed to primarily promote Milk & Honey).

Holla & Shout was also available as a promotional single. Kept Woman was later re-recorded and included on Bria Valente’s debut album Elixer. Redhead Stepchild was included as streaming audio (with no download option) in the Támar Davis mobile app in September 2012.

The remaining tracks (Closer 2 My Heart, Milk & Honey, Can’t Keep Living Alone, Holy Ground and First Love) remain unreleased.

Track listing
  1. Closer 2 My Heart
  2. Milk & Honey
  3. Can’t Keep Living Alone
  4. Holla & Shout
  5. Kept Woman
  6. Holy Ground
  7. Beautiful, Loved & Blessed
  8. Redhead Stepchild
  9. All EyeBlue.png Want Is U
  10. First Love
  11. Sunday In The Park
  12. Beautiful, Loved & Blessed (Reprise)
  13. Te Amo Corazón / Fury / Purple Rain / Let’s Go Crazy (Live at BRIT Awards 2006) (Video) - Prince with Támar (not given a track number as such)

All songs written by Prince, except where noted.



Additional Information


  • Alternative cover:
    Milk&honey album.jpg

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