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General websites


A general website is a website which doesn't specifically focus on one main subjet, but several. That will include for example: News, Albums, Video, Download sections etc.

This section presents a list of the general websites Prince operated along the years, excluding websites dedicated to albums as well as websites having only one function (see: Other Websites).

1996 1997 1997 2000 2001
100pxwebsitelogothedawn.png Websitelogo-1800newfunk.png Websitelogo-L4OA.png Websitelogo-NPGonline.png Websitelogo-NPGMC.png
The Dawn 1-800 New Funk Love 4 One Another NPG Online Ltd NPG Music Club

2006 2009 2013
Websitelogo-3121.png Websitelogo-Lotusflow3r.png 3rdeye artwork.jpeg
3121 Lotusflow3r 3rdEyeGirl