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Album details

Released: 31 March 1986 (USA)

1 April 1986 (UK/France)

Length: 40:59
Label(s): Paisley Park / Warner Bros.
Studio(s): Washington Avenue Warehouse, Edina, MN, USA; Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA

Charts, Certifications & Awards

Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
USA: Billboard Top Pop Albums 19 Apr. 1986 3 28
USA: Billboard Top Black Albums 26 Apr. 1986 2 26
USA: The Billboard 200 14 May 2016 50R 1
R indicates re-entry of an album that had already charted.
Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
Austria: Alben Top 75 15 Apr. 1986 7 14
France: Nielsen & Ipsos Top 20 3 May 1986 14 8
Germany: Musikmarkt Top 75 Albums 14 Apr. 1986 6 28
The Netherlands: Nationale Hitparade Elpee Top 75 12 Apr. 1986 1(2) 33
Norway: VG-Lista Week 15/1986 10 8
Sweden: Album Chart 16 Apr. 1986 5 10
Switzerland: Alben Top 100 13 Apr. 1986 2(?) 15
U.K.: UK Albums Chart 12 Apr. 1986 4 26
Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
New Zealand: Albums Charts 27 Apr. 1986 7 12
Institution, Country Date Certification
RIAA, USA 3 Jun 1986 Platinum (1 million)
BPI, UK 18 Apr 1986 Silver (60,000)
BPI, UK 21 Oct 1986 Gold (100,000)
BPI, UK 1 Mar 1992 Platinum (300,000)
SNEP, France 1987 Gold (100,000)
SNEP, France 18 Oct. 2001 Platinum (300,000)
BVMI, Germany 1993 Gold (250,000)
ARIA, Australia 1986 Gold (50,000)
ARIA, Australia 1989 Gold (75,000)
This album has not received any awards in the USA

Singles released

b/w Love Or $
b/w Alexa De Paris
Girls & Boys (Europe only)
b/w Under The Cherry Moon
b/w Girls & Boys

See also

(Sheet Music)
Parade Tour

Alternate Album Configuration

1 May 1985 configuration

  1. Wendy’s Parade
  2. New Position
  3. I Wonder U
  4. Under The Cherry Moon
  5. Others Here With Us
  6. Life Can Be So Nice
  7. Velvet Kitty Cat
  8. Sometimes It Snows In April
  9. Kiss
  10. Old Friends 4 Sale
  11. All My Dreams
Parade (subtitled "Music from the motion picture Under The Cherry Moon") is the eighth full-length studio album by Prince, and the third and final to be credited to Prince and the Revolution. It was released worldwide in March 1986, and, as the subtitle suggests, is a companion piece to Prince’s second movie, Under The Cherry Moon (although the movie was released three months after the album).

Sessions and compiling

Prince began working on the album in mid-April 1985, shortly before the release of the previous album, Around The World In A Day, and began by recording the drum track in sequence of Wendy’s Parade (late renamed Christopher Tracy’s Parade), New Position, I Wonder U and Under The Cherry Moon, all in one take. He then layered other instruments over all four tracks.

Having been pleased with Clare Fischer’s orchestration on The Family album, Prince sent Clare Fischer a cassette tape marked 'The Marx Brothers Project' and asked him to arrange and record orchestration for the entire album (except Kiss), which he did from mid-1985 to early 1986 at Monterey Sound Studios, Glendale, CA, USA, although Prince chose not to use all of the instrumentation on the final release.

A first configuration of the album was compiled on 1 May 1985 (detailed below), but several changes, including the removal of four tracks and the recording of five additional tracks, took place between then and the final release. The sountrack doesn’t include all the songs heard in the movie (see the Trivia section and the Under The Cherry Moon score & cues page for details)


The album produced four commercially-released singles, Kiss, Mountains, Girls & Boys (in Europe only), and Anotherloverholenyohead.

Prince supported the album with a major European and Japanese tour, starting with a series of "hit & run" shows (with each show announced a day or two before the show itself) throughout the USA before the Parade Tour was formally launched. Several songs from the album were played on the tour.


The album reached number 3 on the US Billboard Top Pop Albums Chart, and number 2 on the Billboard Top Black Albums Chart.


The album was certified platinum by RIAA two months after release, on 3 June 1986.

Track listing


  1. Christopher Tracy’s Parade (2:09) 1 
  2. New Position (2:21)
  3. I Wonder U (1:40)
  4. Under The Cherry Moon (2:57) 1 
  5. Girls & Boys (5:30)
  6. Life Can Be So Nice (3:12)
  7. Venus De Milo (1:54)
  8. Mountains (3:58) 2 
  9. Do U Lie? (2:43)
  10. Kiss (3:38)
  11. Anotherloverholenyohead (3:58)
  12. Sometimes It Snows In April (6:48) 2 

Vinyl and Cassette have the same configuration

  • Intro: (Side 1)
  1. Christopher Tracy’s Parade (2:09) 1 
  2. New Position (2:21)
  3. I Wonder U (1:40)
  4. Under The Cherry Moon (2:57) 1 
  5. Girls & Boys (5:30)
  6. Life Can Be So Nice (3:12)
  7. Venus De Milo (1:54)
  • End: (Side 2)
  1. Mountains (3:58) 2 
  2. Do U Lie? (2:43)
  3. Kiss (3:38)
  4. Anotherloverholenyohead (3:58)
  5. Sometimes It Snows In April (6:48) 2 

All songs written by Prince (credited to Prince and the Revolution), except where noted.

1  Written by John L. Nelson and Prince
2  Written by Prince (lyrics), Wendy Melvoin (music) and Lisa Coleman (music) (credited to Prince and the Revolution)

Orchestral Players:
  • Violins - Isabelle Daskoff, Francine Walsh, Mari Botnik, Pam Gates, Janice Gower, Karen Jones, Betty Moor, Irma Neumann, Assa Drori, Bill Hymanson, Oscar Chasow, Ron Clark, Henry Ferber, Erne Granat, Ed Green, Bill Hybel, Reggie Hill, Pat Johnson, Don Palmer, Sheldon Sanov, Joe Schonbrun, Terry Schonbrun and Harold Wolf.
  • Violas - Pam Goldsmith, Margot Maclaine, Carol Mukagawa, Myer Bello, Alan Deverich, Norman Forrest, Alan Harshman, Jorge Moraga and David Stock.
  • Cellos - Jim Arkatoff, Ray Kelley, Ray Kramer and Fred Seykora.
  • Basses - Chuck Dominico and Arni Egilsson.
  • Woodwinds - Gene Cipriano, Don Ashworth, John Clarke, Dave Edwards, Gary Foster, Jim Kanter, John Lowe, Dick Mitchell, Jack Nimitz, Joe Soldo and Bob Tricarico.
  • Trumpets - Ray Brown, Rich Cooper, Bob Findley, Larry Ford, Bob O’Donnell and Al Vizutti.
  • Trombones - Garnett Brown, Charles Loper, Morris Repass and Bill Watrous.
  • French Horns - Marni Johnson, David Duke, Joe Myer, Brian O’Connor, Calvin Smith and Jim Thatcher.
  • Tuba - Tommy Johnson.
  • Tympani and percussion - Brent Fischer.


  • "Special thanks 2 Clare Fischer 4 making brighter the colors black and white. "Love God" - Prince and the Revolution '86"

LP, CD, Cassettes and Other versions
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2

USA CD 9 25395-2
Germany CD 925 395-2
Germany LP WX 39P / 925 395-1 Picture Disc, Manufactured in Germany
Switzerland CD 9 25395-2 Made In Switzerland
Yugoslavia LP 9 25395-2 Burbank Labels, Printed red 'stickers'
Japan CD 32XD-434 stickered OBI Strip, japanese Lyrics

Variants, Special Editions and Reissues
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2

Japan CD WPCR-13537 2009 Reissue, SHM-CD, Mini LP Artwork



Additional Information

Promotion (at time of release) Trivia

  • Press ads for this album: Greece, USA (Rolling Stones)


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