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Precious (Front Cover)

Precious (Front Cover)

Album details

Released: 9 June 1992 (Europe)

22 June 1993 (USA)

Length: 54:35 (original release)

50:27 (1993 US re-issue)

Label(s): Lana Lane
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA

Charts, Certifications & Awards

Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
Albums Mega Top 100 (The Netherlands) 20 Jun. 1992 13 19
This album has not received any certifications in the USA
This album has not received any awards in the USA

Singles released

b/w Need A Little Space
b/w She Came By
I Oh I
b/w None
b/w Sex
Precious is the third studio album by Dutch pop duo Loïs Lane (who are known in the USA as "Loïs L." due to legal issues with the Superman character Loïs Lane), and was released in June 1992.

The album contained two tracks with writing input by Prince, Qualified (co-written by Kirk Johnson) and a new version of Sex (co-written by Levi Seacer, Jr.), which had previously been released by Prince on The Scandalous Sex Suite EP. Both songs feature Prince as a musician also.

In addition, Prince appears, uncredited, as a musican on the tracks I Oh I and Crying and is listed as executive producer for both songs. For the 1993 USA re-release, he provided a remix of I Wanna Be (a track from their previous album Fortune Fairytales).

Sessions and compiling

Prince met the band Loïs Lane when they opened for some shows on the Nude Tour, and they later asked him to contribute songs to their next album. Prince obliged, and some of the album’s tracks were recorded by Kirk Johnson at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA, in early 1992. In a 1992 interview, Loïs Lane discussed the recording of the album: "Prince asked us to send demos, so we did. He listened to them, changed them, and sent them back. We sent a lot of tapes. Prince wrote Qualified together with Kirk Johnson, and also in the song there is a sample of Prince (“Dig It”). We also covered the old B-side Sex and Prince helped with two other songs on the album (I Oh I and Crying). We wrote the rest of the album. During the tour (i.e. The Nude Tour which featured Loïs Lane as the opening act on some dates) Prince already had a lot of ideas about helping us, and said "send me some stuff; I want to help..."."

A fifth song (sixth with the remix of I Wanna Be) called "I Love A Woman" was also recorded at Paisley Park Studios with Kirk Johnson and the NPG Hornz but it does not feature any contribution from Prince.


The album produced one single released internationally, Qualified but failed to chart in the USA. It reached number 13 on their home country album chart, however. In The Netherlands three more singles, Crying, I Oh I and Sex, were released to equally limited success.

The album reached number 13 on their home country album chart.

Track listing

Details given for Prince-related tracks only

(NDL: 513 418-2)
(JAP: AVCD-11202)
(PHL: 920 730-2)

  1. I Oh I (4:03) 1
  2. Qualified (4:45) 2
  3. The Singer
  4. Loneliness
  5. Precious
  6. Need A Little Space
  7. I Love A Woman
  8. She Came By
  9. Forever
  10. Crying (4:05) 3
  11. Sex (5:46) 4
  12. Make Way

(USA/CAN: 519 255-2)

  1. Qualified (4:45) 2
  2. I Wanna Be (4:16) 5
  3. Sex (5:46) 4
  4. I Love A Woman
  5. I Oh I (4:03) 1
  6. Forever
  7. Need A Little Space
  8. Crying (4:05) 3
  9. Precious
  10. She Came By
  11. Make Way

1 Written by A. Van Dongen and Monique Klemann
2 Written by Prince and Kirk Johnson
3 Written by J. Doornik and Suzanne Klemann
4 Written by Prince and Levi Seacer, Jr.
5 Written by Evert K. Abbing



  • Thanks to: Puck & Hans, Agnes B, Reflections, Westernhouse, Dr. Adams, Oogappel, Hartman & Hartman, Carla V, Sacha, Zldjian cymbals, Tamar drums, Feedback Musical Instruments, Warwick bassguitars, S.W.R., Omega Music, Peer Dellen Customizing.
  • Thank You To all our daddies & mamas, family, lovers & friends, Rob van Donselaar, & Marga, J.P. Exalto, Peter Riebeek & Ellen. Astrid Laanen, Jacqueline, Andretti & crew, Bep B., Harry T., Gilbert & Therese, To all people at polydor, thanks for your support & trust. To all our fans.
  • Very special thanks to: GERRYfor being Clark Kent, HERBERT for always being there, PETER (when will you start smoking cigars!) PRINCE 4 being U, KIRK JOHNSON, precious CAROLINE for the sweetest inspiration.

LP, CD, Cassettes and Other versions
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2

NL CD 513 418-2
JAP CD Avex AVCD-11202 with OBI
PHL CD 920 730-2
EU LP ref needed
EU DCC ref needed

Variants, Special Editions and Reissues
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2

USA CD 519 255-2 1993 re-issue
CAN CD 314 519 255-2 1993 re-issue



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