Jungle Love

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Jungle Love

from the album Ice Cream Castle
Originals album artwork
from the album Originals

single art for Jungle Love
Song details
Performer: The Time; Prince
First Released: 9 July 1984 - Ice Cream Castle album7 June 2019 - Originals album (Prince version)
Album(s): Ice Cream Castle

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack
It’s About Time

Writer(s): Jesse Johnson (uncredited), Morris Day, Prince (credited as Jamie Starr),
Producer(s): Prince (credited to Morris Day and The Starr Company on Ice Cream Castle)
Live Appearances
First and last live appearance:
Performed regularly on tour:
  • none
Performed occasionally in shows:

Jungle Love is the fourth track on The Time’s third album Ice Cream Castle, and, five months after the album’s release, Jungle Love was released as the album’s second single. The song also features in the movie Purple Rain.

Jungle Love was initially written by Jesse Johnson, with later contributions by Morris Day. Prince under the pseudonym Jamie Starr wrote the lyrics and came up with the melody. It was co-produced by Morris Day and Prince using the name The Starr Company. Jesse Johnson was initially included in the credits when submitted for copyright in May 1984, but after he left the band, his name was removed from the credits upon release.

Jesse Johnson demoed the song, likely in 1982 on a Tascam 8-track recorder in his Cedar Square West Apartment, playing guitar, bass guitar and keyboard (Oberheim OB-SX), over a Roland 808 Drum Machine beat. Johnson wanted to offer the song to Lenny Williams (former lead vocalist for Tower Of Power). He presented it to Prince who then took it to flesh it out with Johnson and Morris Day. Basic tracking took place on 26 March 1983 at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, California (the day before My Summertime Thang and the day before Cloreen Bacon Skin)

In 2019, Prince’s own version was released as the second track on the posthumous album Originals, with Prince, Morris Day and Jesse Johnson credited as the authors of the song.

A 1998 live version recorded by Morris Day was released in 2004 on his album It’s About Time.

Recording Information
Recording Sessions
Date Studio Additional info
26 March 1983 Sunset Sound,
Hollywood, CA, USA
4 October 1983 First Avenue,
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Live recording
15 January 1984 Sunset Sound,
Hollywood, CA, USA
Overdubs (likely Morris Day lead vox and guitar solo by Jesse Johnson)
Recording Personnel

The Time - studio version

Prince version (on Originals)

The Time - Unreleased live version

Released Versions
Title Length Released Version Additional info
Jungle Love 5:29 Ice Cream Castle

Jungle Love single

Jungle Love (Edit) 3:27 Jungle Love single

Strange Tales From The Rain promotional album

Jungle Love 2:57 Morris Day: It’s About Time
Live 21 June 1998, House Of Blues, Hollywood, California, USA
Jungle Love 3:03 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack
Live Recorded in early 2001 in California, USA or New Jersey, USA
Jungle Love 3:04 Originals Prince vocal version released in 2019
Video Versions
Title Length Released Version Additional info
Jungle Love 3:26 Purple Rain 20th Anniversary DVD Promo video See Jungle Love video for more details
Jungle Love 4:33 Rave Un2 The Year 2000 VHS/DVD Live 17 December 1999, Paisley Park, Chanhassen, MN, USA - performed by Morris Day and The Time with Prince (as) appearing as a guest
Jungle Love 3:03 Jay and Silent Bob Strike BackDVD
Live Recorded in early 2001 in California, USA or New Jersey, USA - performed by Morris Day and The Time
Jungle Love ?:?? Welcome 2 America Deluxe edition Live 28 April 2011, The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA - performed by Prince

Unreleased Versions
Title Version Additional Info
Jungle Love Studio Original 1983 recording before Jesse Johnson’s 1984 guitar overdubs
Jungle Love 4 October 1983 Live recording
Additional Information

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  • * Jesse Johnson’s original solo version is not listed above as a version of the song as by that point Prince was not involved with it yet.
  • The version heard in Film: Purple Rain is the October 1983 live version as Morris Day’s lead vocal for the studio version was not yet done at that point.

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