NPG Ahdio Show 8

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NPG Ahdio Show # 8

NPG Music Club download - no official artwork created

Show Details

Released: 18 September 2001
Length: 47:40

NPG Ahdio Show Chronology

NPG Ahdio Show # 7

NPG Ahdio Show # 8

NPG Ahdio Show # 9

NPG Ahdio Show # 8 was released as an mp3 three weeks after Thieves In The Temple (Remix), Rebirth Of The Flesh (Rehearsal '88), My Medallion and Contest Song (all mp3 audio files) and a live .mov video file of If I Was Ur Girlfriend, which together comprised NPG Music Club Edition # 8.

While the rest of the edition was released before the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington DC, the Ahdio Show was released a week after the attacks, and was clearly compiled in direct response to the attacks, featuring some of Prince’s most spiritual music, with no segues or skits included (marking the first time an Ahdio Show had not featured any segues). No official artwork is available for this (or any) show.

This edition contains one track which was previously unreleased in full, Pearls B4 The Swine (which was later released on the One Nite Alone... album). Nine previously-released tracks by Prince (or /Prince and the New Power Generation) are included, as well as three intros/outros from other tracks.

One track by the NPG Orchestra, written by Prince, is included, which is available elsewhere, and an intro from Love... Thy Will Be Done (Prince Mix) by Martika was included, also available elsewhere.

Track Listing

Timings are not given, as several of the tracks overlap or feature spoken segues in the format of a radio DJ speaking over a song’s introduction. Please note that tracks that are simple edits of other versions are not included in that song’s listing - a track is included in the individual song listing only if it is a remix, live, or other alternate recording.

  1. No - Prince (intro only)
  2. The Plan -
  3. Anna Stesia - Prince
  4. Elephants & Flowers - Prince
  5. I Wish U Heaven - Prince
  6. Love... Thy Will Be Done (Prince Mix) - Martika (intro only)
  7. Pearls B4 The Swine - Prince
  8. 7 (Acoustic Version) - Prince and the New Power Generation
  9. Space (Universal Love Remix) - Prince
  10. Still Would Stand All Time - Prince
  11. Into The Light -
  12. I Will -
  13. The Holy River -
  14. Outro (including New Power Generation (Pt. II) and Positivity) - Prince


  • See individual tracks for musical personnel and production credits.

Quotations and trivia

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