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1993: The Undertaker Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
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1994: Heart
The Dawn

Unreleased (no cover)

Album details

Intended Release Date: 1994
Label(s): Unknown
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA; other studio information unknown

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The Dawn '97
(Unreleased album)
The Dawn is an unreleased album by , and was worked on in late 1993 for possible release in 1994. The triple-album combined tracks which had been previously included on 1993 configurations of Come, along with tracks that would later be released on The Gold Experience and Chaos And Disorder along with various NPG Operator segues, although the exact tracklist is not known.

Given Prince’s history of using the term "the dawn" as a milestone or a finishing point (often writing "May U live 2 see the dawn" at the end of album or movie credits), it appeared that he viewed this as an important piece of work; his magnum opus (in the same way he has often used the term "the grand progression"). It is possible, although unverified, that The Dawn, in one form or another, was a project Prince continued to return to over time; after the tracks included on this album were released, worked on another album titled The Dawn in 1996 and 1997 (see here for details).

Tracks that may have been included on the album include Come, Endorphinmachine, Space, Pheromone, Loose!, Papa, Dark, Dolphin, Poem, Race, Strays Of The World, What’s My Name, Interactive, Solo, Zannalee, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Now, Ripopgodazippa, Shy, Gold, Strawberries, 319, Billy Jack Bitch, Chaos And Disorder, Right The Wrong, Acknowledge Me, Listen 2 The Rhythm (later renamed The Rhythm Of Your ♥), Hide The Bone, Love 4 1 Another (later renamed New World) and Days Of Wild.

Other tracks not included on any configuration of Come, The Gold Experience or Chaos And Disorder that may have been considered for inclusion here include Dream, Laurianne, Dance Of Desperation, I Wanna Be Held 2 Night, Emotional Crucifixion, The Ride, Poorgoo, Calhoun Square, It’s About That Walk, Slave 2 The Funk.

Given that worked on the album following the release of The Hits / The B-Sides compilations, it is likely that Pope was not included. All tracks listed here are speculative, however.

Track listing
  • Unknown (see notes above for possible tracks)
  • All songs written by , except where noted.

  • - all vocals and instruments, except where noted (assumed)
  • Other recording personnel not known.

  • - producer (assumed)
  • Other production details unknown.

Additional Information


  • Prince worked on a 1986 musical sharing the name The Dawn; see here for details of that project.
  • Prince worked on a 1989 movie sharing the name The Dawn; see here for details of that project.
  • worked on an later album sharing the name The Dawn; see here for details of that project.

The Undertaker
Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
(Related Artists)