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Prince & 3rdEyeGirl Streams

Prince & 3rdEyeGirl Social media avatar 2015

3rdEyeGirl details

Activity 31 December 2012 - 25 November 2014

9 May 2015 - 1 July 2015

Social Media: Active

Prince3EG Twitter
3rdEyeGirl YouTube
Prince3EG Soundcloud

3rdEyeGirl Twitter (obsolete)
3rdEyeGirl Facebook (deleted)
3rdEyeGirl VEVO (deleted)
3rdEyeGirl Soundcloud (obsolete)
3rdEye TV (obsolete)

Related Website: 3rdEyeGirl.com

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3rdEye TV
(web TV)

3rdEyeGirl is a social media channel (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Soundcloud) through which are posted a videos and audio streams of Prince recent studio and/or live work.

On 31 December 2012, a rehearsal video of Bambi was posted on a YouTube channel named 3rdEyeGirl. The video and YouTube account didn’t catch any attention before DrFunkenberry linked to a 3rdEyeGirl twitter account on 6 January 2013. Several members of Prince’s band The NPG promoted the Twitter account the following day on their own social networks. The material made available on the YouTube channel was taken down later the same day.

The self description of the channel stated:

"International Art Thief. Everything you think is true.
Underground. Soon to be above.

It was not certain in late december 2012 / early january 2013 that the channel was an official one; the following month demonstrated it was as 3rdEyeGirl distinctive social media accounts continued to stream material on a regular basis all through 2013.

Of note, some images on the Facebook account linked to an instagram account by Stellameow, which was an alias of artist Stella Blu, responsible for the 3rd Eye Girl artwork.

Social media activity

On 24 June 2013 all content was removed from 3rdEyeGirl YouTube channel. In september 2013, the Twitter account self description was changed into:


In December 2013, while new visuals without Prince were used for the account, the self description changed into:

"Astral traveling until:1/ 7/14 and then: ~!@#$&*()__P(*OLI&UY^%TR%EWGTW!@#$%UY!!"

On 7 January 2014, lyrics to an unknown song (assumed) were posted on the Twitter account:

"Half of history is a list of missed opportunities
A failure 2 strike when the iron is hot
But the mystery is this
On the brink of lunacy
R U gonna kiss me or not?"

On 8 January 2014, the Twitter account self description was changed into:


On 25 November 2014, the Twitter and Facebook accounts were deleted and the YouTube account was emptied of all videos.

On 9 May 2015, a new soundcloud account Prince3EG was created. A new Twitter account "Prince3EG" subsequently opened while the 3rdEyeGirl YouTube account was temporarily revived to post promotional videos.





The below tracks and videos have been shared by Prince and/or 3rdEyeGirl in 2015 so far. They are listed below in chronological order by release date. Full details of each track are given on the tracks' pages.

Baltimore (Audio Stream)

Baltimore (Audio Stream)
Available 9 May 2015

A new song recorded on 30 April 2015 at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA, in response to the death of 25-year-old African-American man Freddie Gray in Baltimore, MD, USA.

'Dance Rally 4 Peace' (Audio Stream)

"Dance Rally 4 Peace" (Audio Stream)
Available 12 May 2015

A stream of the majority of Prince’s 'Dance Rally 4 Peace' concert from 3 May 2015 (a.m.): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (as well as a portion of the pre-show DJ set).

U Got The Look (Live Audio Stream)

U Got The Look (Live Audio Stream)
Available 21 May 2015

A stream of U Got The Look from one of the two shows in Sony Centre For The Performing Arts in Toronto (ON), Canada on 19 May 2015.

Stare (Video Snippets Stream)

Stare (Video Snippets Stream)
Available 27 May 2015 (deleted)

  • Stare #1 (0:21); #2 (0:21); #3 (0:27) - YouTube video stream
A stream of three teaser videos of a new song: Stare.

Hardrocklover (Audio Stream)

Hardrocklover (Audio Stream)
Available 1 July 2015

A stream of a new song: Hardrocklover.

3RDEYEGIRL - String Session (Behind The Scenes) (Studio Session)

3RDEYEGIRL - String Session (Behind The Scenes)
Available 7 August 2015

  • Rumeta String recording session (1:37) - YouTube video stream
A stream of the recording session with Stringenius.

Laughing Stallions (Live Video)

Available 8 November 2015 (deleted)

  • Stratus live video (1:44) - YouTube video stream
A 1080p live performance of Stratus from 7 November 2015, Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA dubbed "LAUGHING STALLIONS".