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Welcome 2 America: Euro Tour 2011
10 July 2011 (a.m.)
Venue Ahoy
City, Country Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Band Prince (vox, guitar, bass, tamborine), John Blackwell (drums), Ida Nielsen (bass, guitar, vox), Morris Hayes (keyboards), Cassandra O’Neal (keyboards, vox), Andy Allo (guitar, vox, tamborine), Shelby J. (vox, tamborine), Liv Warfield (vox, tamborine)
Guest(s) Maceo Parker (saxophone), Seal(vox)
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

Joy In Repetition w/ Maceo Parker
Nothing More Andy Allo lead vox w/ Maceo Parker
The Love We Make w/ Maceo Parker
Mountains w/ Seal & Maceo Parker. Seal until second chorus, then Prince restarts song taking lead
Come Together w/ Maceo Parker
Alphabet St.
Dear Mr. Man w/ Maceo Parker, sans Andy Allo, Shelby J. and Liv Warfield
If You Want Me To Stay w/ Maceo Parker, sans Andy Allo, Shelby J. and Liv Warfield
Stand! w/ Maceo Parker
I Want You Back Shelby J. lead vox
When We’re Dancing Close And Slow Andy Allo co-lead vox
The Look Of Love Andy Allo lead vox
Guitar incl. thunder FX & guitar improvisation intro '’sans Andy Allo, Shelby J. and Liv Warfield
I Like It There only w/ Prince, John Blackwell & Ida Nielsen
Colonized Mind only w/ Prince, John Blackwell & Ida Nielsen
Bambi only w/ Prince, John Blackwell & Ida Nielsen
Peach incl. Johnny B. Goode [Int] Shelby J. & Andy Allo co-lead vox on Johnny B. Goode. w/ Maceo Parker
The Beautiful Ones '’sans Andy Allo, Shelby J. and Liv Warfield
Dance (Disco Heat)
Baby I’m A Star

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Show Facts
Advertised Start Time / Start Time Length Of Show Attendance/Capacity Ticket Prices

01:15 / 01:55 125 minutes (limited to) 9,000 / sold out € 89 (Prince only) or € 89 (festival day ticket) + € 40

  • Three North Sea Jazz Festival appearances were announced on 9 May 2011. All three shows were 'plus' shows, an addition to the already planned festival. Patrons of either of the three days of the festival could buy € 40 plus tickets for the Prince shows. 3,000 (€ 89) tickets for just the Prince shows, not gaining access to the other festival acts were also made available.
  • Tickets were announced to go on sale on Friday 13 May at 10.00. Due to a server crash at the ticket distributors office, it wasn’t until after 14:00 that some could obtain tickets, but with persisting problems, all ticket-sales were halted until Tuesday 17 May at 10 a.m.. All available tickets sold out within a day when they finally went on sale.
  • Shows were billed for the 'Maas Hal', but this is just the regular main hall of the Ahoy, dubbed 'Maas Hal' only for the NSJ festival to distinguish its location from the other festival stages.
  • A setlist on paper omitted I Like It There and the songs following Peach. The interpolations of If You Want Me To Stay and Johnny B. Goode were also not printed.
Soundcheck Support Act(s)

  • no details known

Other acts performing the 'Maas Hal' on this day

  • Amadou & Mariam
  • Kytecrash featuring Eric Vloeimans & Colin Benders
  • Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks Band
  • Selah Sue

Also appearing at the festival today on other stages

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