07 August 2011

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Welcome 2 America: Euro Tour 2011
7 August 2011
Venue 10-øren (Amager Strandpark)
City, Country Storkøbenhavn (Copenhagen), Denmark
Band Prince (vox, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums), John Blackwell (drums), Ida Nielsen (bass, guitar, vox), Morris Hayes (keyboards), Cassandra O’Neal (keyboards, vox), Andy Allo (guitar, vox), Shelby J. (vox), Marva King (vox)
Guest(s) Larry Graham (bass, vox), Nikka Costa (vox), Tarik Graves ('Smoov') (trumpet), Amal Baji Hubert ('Baji') (trumpet), Gabriel Hubert ('Hudah') (trumpet), Jafar Baji Graves ('Yoshi') (trumpet), Seba Graves ('Clef ') (trombone), Saiph Graves ('Cid') (trombone), Uttama Hubert ('Rocco') (baritone saxophone), Tycho Cohran ('L.T.') (sousaphone) (together as Hypnotic Brass Ensemble) , Janelle Monáe (vox), Paloma Faith (vox)
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

Guesting with Chaka Khan
Sweet Thing Prince (guitar, vox)
Thank You For Talkin’ To Me Africa (instrumental) Funky w/ Larry Graham & Nikka Costa, Prince on drums initially, later on bass
Stand! w/ Larry Graham, Nikka Costa & Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Prince on bass
The Jam w/ Larry Graham
Let’s Go Crazy w/ Janelle Monáe
Delirious Let’s Go Crazy (coda) w/ Janelle Monáe
Little Red Corvette
Nothing Compares 2 U Shelby J. co-lead vox
Take Me With U Andy Allo co-lead vox
Anotherloverholenyohead incl. uptempo 'rock jam' coda
Empty Room
Pop Life incl. Scrapple From The Apple [Int]
Musicology incl. Tighten Up (instrumental) [Int] & Prince And The Band
The Look Of Love Andy Allo lead vox
based on a sampled loop of studio recording When Doves Cry
based on a sampled loop of studio recording Nasty Girl [S]
based on a sampled loop of studio recording Hot Thing w/ band backing
based on a sampled loop of studio recording Sign O’ The Times
based on a sampled loop of studio recording Darling Nikki [S]
based on a sampled loop of studio recording Mr. Goodnight
based on a sampled loop of studio recording I Would Die 4 U
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Purple Rain (incl. sampled string coda)
The Bird
Jungle Love w/ Nikka Costa, Paloma Faith, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
A Love Bizarre incl. Housequake chant w/ Janelle Monáe, Nikka Costa, Paloma Faith, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble & Joakim Hediger

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Show Facts
Advertised Start Time / Start Time Length Of Show Attendance/Capacity Ticket Prices

20:00 (Prince) / 20:20 145 minutes ± 13,000 / ± 18,000 DKK 1275 (+ DKK 20 = DKK 1295) Purple VIP Lounge Experience / DKK 875 (+ DKK 20 = DKK 895) Purple VIP Ticket / DKK 550 (+ DKK 20 = DKK 570) / DKK 975 (+ DKK 20 = DKK 995) Purple VIP Lounge Experience (reduced price) / DKK 975 (+ DKK 20 = DKK 995) The Purple VIP Ticket + Inner Circle (reduced price) / DKK 575 (+ DKK 20 = DKK 595) Purple VIP Ticket (reduced price) / DKK 250 (+ DKK 20 = DKK 270) (reduced price) / DKK 550 (+ DKK 20 = DKK 570) 2-day ticket / DKK 800 (+ DKK 20 = DKK 820) / Purple VIP 2-day ticket

  • This show was the second day of the NPG Music & Art Festival.
  • It was announced on 9 July, after sufficient tickets for the 6 August show were sold.
  • A website dedicated to the festival npgfestival.dk was set by concert promoter Ico Concerts.
  • Tickets went on sale on 11 July at 10:00. Reduced tickets were available for patrons who purchased tickets for both festival days.
  • 500 so-called 'inner-circle' tickets were made available. They were to be purchased at an additional fee of DDK 400.
  • On 3 August an e-mail was send to to attenders that the festival would be theme-colored purple and requested to wear something purple for the show.
  • The festival site was due to open at 12:00, but this was slightly delayed because of the rainstorm causing the abrupt show end the night before. Workers were still working to get the place dried up and safe at noon.
  • To compensate for the rained out show of the night before it was announced the first 5,000 to produce a ticket or ticket receipt for the 6 August show would be admitted to Sunday’s show free of charge on a first come first served basis. Whatever type of ticket patrons held for Saturday’s show, only general admission via the main entrance was offered. This was announced Sunday afternoon via an e-mail to ticket-purchasers.
  • Starting around 13:00 a two song soundcheck was held with Nikka Costa. Gates then opened around 13:15, while Hypnotic Brass Ensemble did a short soundcheck. While not officially billed as support act on the poster or website to the Festival, and a last minute addition to the bill, they played a set from 13:45 until 14:20. Nikka Costa’s hour long set then started at 14:45. Before the next act Janelle Monáe, footage of Raphael Saadiq’s performance of the day before were shown on the video screes, with Janelle Monáe starting 25 minutes later than scheduled at 16:45. 35 minutes into the set Prince is seen watchin Janelle’s set from backstage. Andy Allo, Shelby J., Marva King, Cassandra O’Neal and manager Kiran Sharma have been watching from the beginning. Around 17:30 Prince even came on stage to hand Janelle a cape, but he did not join in with any musical contribution. Janelle finishes her set at 17:45. Chaka Khan starts her set at 18:40. A few minutes earlier Prince was on stage to take pictures of the audience. With Paloma Faith, Janelle Monáe and some of her band members Prince & John Blackwell watch Chaka Khan’s performance from the right side stage. Prince & Blackwell leave there around 19:05, while Nikka Costa joins the spectators there a while later. 20 minutes after Prince, coming now from the right side of the backstage area joins Chaka Khan for a rendition of Sweet Thing, playing guitar and singing. Paloma Faith joins Chaka for I’m Every Woman at the end of the again hour long set.
  • The usual pre-show videos began rotating again at 20:05.
  • During Kiss there was a display of fireworks, something also planned for the previous night, which couldn’t go through due to the torrential rain abruptly canceling that show.
  • For Jungle Love & A Love Bizarre about 50 people including all other acts that played the festival came on stage to dance.
  • Maceo Parker was initially announced to be a support act, but this was later changed to 'appearing with Prince', but in spite of this he was absent from the festival.
  • Highlights of this show (Thank You For Talkin’ To Me Africa, Funky, Musicology and Kiss) were shared by both Andy Allo and Nikka Costa on their Facebook pages.
Soundcheck Support Act(s)

  • no details known
  • Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (13:00) last minute addition to the line up
  • Nikka Costa (13:00) (14:40)
  • Janelle Monae (16:20)
  • Chaka Khan (18:00)

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